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Hello Everyone,

With the release of New Minna no Golf yesterday, I have decided that we should also start a new. To help with the community and grow the support for New Everybody’s Golf, this site along with it’s database has been moved to a new location. At the moment there is not much, I haven’t had much time to theme it and set up for anything other than having a stream for it and a new community discord channel.

Since the game is now unified with the brand Everybody’s Golf…And also that there is no real need for me to be updating everyone with information about the series now that they have good media coverage and English support… our new community website for the series will now be at Everybodys.Golf!

Please support the new community there as we explore the new game and come up with information to share and guide others through this series. It would be good to see the new players and old veterans band together and make this a good new place to get your Everybody’s Golf fix.

Thanks for supporting the Mingol.Community here at I will keep this site around, likely disable a lot of user interaction but since the database here is duplicated over there, all accounts will work there as well and once we have a proper system set up there it should be easy to communicate with other golfers.

Also we are looking for co-hosts or streamers for the new community channel. If you have the time and want to stream or talk about golf, feel free to join us on this adventure.



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