Navigating around Minna no Golf 5.

Just incase you’re here because you have the original version of Minna no Golf 5 and cannot read Japanese at all or dare not to figure things out for yourself… I’ll provide translations of the basic menus here.

Title Screen:
– Start
– Mingol 5 Info Site
– Special Movies

Main Menu:
+ Single Player
| – Challenge Mode
| – Stroke Play
| – Training
+ Multi Player
| – Stroke Play
| – Match Play
– Online
+ Data
| – Status
| – Video Replay
| – Character Profiles
– Options

Online Menu:
– Lobby Selection
+ Change Registration
| – Lobby Character
| – Change Profile 
– Network Options
– Log Out

Network Options:
– Chat Text Colour
– Text Visability Duration <Shortest – Longest>
– Background Music
– Audience
– Information Panel Display During Camera Movement
– 1m OK Putt

– Background Music
– Audience
– Information Panel Display During Camera Movement
– 1m OK Putt
– Menu Character <Random, Yukino, Jasmine, Sofie, Chris, Tiana>
– Loading Messages
– Movie Theatre
– Minna No CD/Voice
– Minna no CD/Music

Character Selection:
+ Character Status
| – Power
| – Control
| – Impact
| – Spin
| – Side Spin
– Strengths
– Weaknesses
– Loyalty, Power Shots, Shot Type
– Club
– Ball
+ Shot Selection
| – Advanced Shot 本格ショット
| – Traditional Shot 従来ショット

Latest Message 1 month
  • BGunner : When's the first impressions of the Beta post? Soon? 😉
  • Shihiko : Hmm...
  • kdoll08 : Sure I could send the files to you. I don't know your email address anymore. Or follow me on Twitter and I could dm you
  • Shihiko : Could I get a copy of the original file?
  • Shihiko : I haven't logged in here since I last posted something...
  • Shihiko : At this rate, this better be on the PS4 Neo... :/ I guess you want me to write up a translation?
  • kdoll08 : «link»
  • kdoll08 : here is the link
  • kdoll08 : Hey Shihiko I have some screens from famitsu on the new game. I posted them at but none of us can translate them. Anyway you can take a look?
  • stormy : Also if anyone knows how to use characters with a natural draw or fade, help me out... You can message me on my PSN: Uiabird
  • stormy : And by the way I saw they added level six gear on HSG WI... I'll just relearn HSG Fore!... Darn DLC ruins everything!
  • stormy : That looks ok, save for evereyone being on the course at once... Seems like a frat party
  • Darkstar : I don't know if you still check this, Shihiko, but more info on the new HSG game today: «link» (along with an english trailer)
  • stormy : I actually beat it though, getting the credits was enough for me in WI so I ain't mad.
  • stormy : Been a bit since I posted here ha ha. I'm actually back to playing HSG Fore! because I am burnt out with HSG: WI. I accidentally cleared my original save data and don't feel like starting over ha ha.
  • kdoll08 : «link»
  • kdoll08 : Hey apparently the new game is going to be playable at PSX in December in San Fran. Here's the link if anyone is going.
  • pompom : «link»
  • pompom : * to roam
  • pompom : not too much to see, but it looks nice. glad they allow you toroam around again
  • Shihiko : It's been just over a year between my new post and last post...
  • Kodakliv : Wow still no information? Didn't they say new information this Spring?
  • Kodakliv : I do wonder when they will show off the PS4 HSG game? Maybe at E3?
  • kdoll08 : Hey Shi I know they said more info on the next Minna would be coming in the Spring but where would they be announcing it most likely? is there still a spring Tokyo Game Show?
  • Kodakliv : I finally became G2 in WI!

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