Navigating around Minna no Golf 5.

Just incase you’re here because you have the original version of Minna no Golf 5 and cannot read Japanese at all or dare not to figure things out for yourself… I’ll provide translations of the basic menus here.

Title Screen:
– Start
– Mingol 5 Info Site
– Special Movies

Main Menu:
+ Single Player
| – Challenge Mode
| – Stroke Play
| – Training
+ Multi Player
| – Stroke Play
| – Match Play
– Online
+ Data
| – Status
| – Video Replay
| – Character Profiles
– Options

Online Menu:
– Lobby Selection
+ Change Registration
| – Lobby Character
| – Change Profile 
– Network Options
– Log Out

Network Options:
– Chat Text Colour
– Text Visability Duration <Shortest – Longest>
– Background Music
– Audience
– Information Panel Display During Camera Movement
– 1m OK Putt

– Background Music
– Audience
– Information Panel Display During Camera Movement
– 1m OK Putt
– Menu Character <Random, Yukino, Jasmine, Sofie, Chris, Tiana>
– Loading Messages
– Movie Theatre
– Minna No CD/Voice
– Minna no CD/Music

Character Selection:
+ Character Status
| – Power
| – Control
| – Impact
| – Spin
| – Side Spin
– Strengths
– Weaknesses
– Loyalty, Power Shots, Shot Type
– Club
– Ball
+ Shot Selection
| – Advanced Shot 本格ショット
| – Traditional Shot 従来ショット

Latest Message 1 month, 3 weeks
  • Shihiko : Time to head over to the new community website: «link»
  • BGunner : One loading screen does mention international tournaments and they were not quite ready - they'll be there eventually (middle escalator in the home area).
  • Shihiko : No there is a different system in place.
  • Adler311 : Hello everyone, i don't find any infos about Grade Tournaments (G0...) for the New Golf. Will this be included or not? for me, this is an important feature of the Hot Shots (Everybody) Golf series.... best regards Adler311
  • Shihiko : Oh oops... haha sorry I kind of only did the broadcast and then forgot to write an article. oh well two more weeks.
  • BGunner : When's the first impressions of the Beta post? Soon? 😉
  • Shihiko : Hmm...
  • kdoll08 : Sure I could send the files to you. I don't know your email address anymore. Or follow me on Twitter and I could dm you
  • Shihiko : Could I get a copy of the original file?
  • Shihiko : I haven't logged in here since I last posted something...
  • Shihiko : At this rate, this better be on the PS4 Neo... :/ I guess you want me to write up a translation?
  • kdoll08 : «link»
  • kdoll08 : here is the link
  • kdoll08 : Hey Shihiko I have some screens from famitsu on the new game. I posted them at but none of us can translate them. Anyway you can take a look?
  • stormy : Also if anyone knows how to use characters with a natural draw or fade, help me out... You can message me on my PSN: Uiabird
  • stormy : And by the way I saw they added level six gear on HSG WI... I'll just relearn HSG Fore!... Darn DLC ruins everything!
  • stormy : That looks ok, save for evereyone being on the course at once... Seems like a frat party
  • Darkstar : I don't know if you still check this, Shihiko, but more info on the new HSG game today: «link» (along with an english trailer)
  • stormy : I actually beat it though, getting the credits was enough for me in WI so I ain't mad.
  • stormy : Been a bit since I posted here ha ha. I'm actually back to playing HSG Fore! because I am burnt out with HSG: WI. I accidentally cleared my original save data and don't feel like starting over ha ha.
  • kdoll08 : «link»
  • kdoll08 : Hey apparently the new game is going to be playable at PSX in December in San Fran. Here's the link if anyone is going.
  • pompom : «link»
  • pompom : * to roam
  • pompom : not too much to see, but it looks nice. glad they allow you toroam around again

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