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One point about Minna no Golf 5 is that is has PlayStation Network support allowing free Online Play. Online is a very large portion to this game as every now and then the game is either updated or given downloadable content which increase the value of the game. These additional downloable content are optional as you need to buy it from the PlayStation Store.

Updates to Date

[07072801] – First Patch Released Minor Fixes.
[07082101] – Minor Game Play Update
[07083101] – Real Format Game Rooms Update
[07092501] – Grade Tournaments Update
[07101101] – Minor Online Game Play Update
[07120601] – Minna no Golf Portable 2 Ads Update
[08020701] – Free Stroke + Match Play Update
[08022801] – Yukino Update
[08032701] – Gloria + Misc Online Updates
[08042401] – Oceania Resort + Lobby Trophy Update
[08052901] – Costume Set Vol.1 Update
[08062601] – Costume Set Vol.2 + Ranking System Update
[08072401] – Costume Set Vol.3 Update
[08092501] – 「みんGOL×まいいつ 祭」 Lobby + Kratos Update
[08103001] – Toro Update
[08112701] – Jurassic Island C.C. Update
[08122501] – Match Play Voice Chat Update
[09031201] – Libits Update

Game Version and Store

If you bought the game or imported it from another region then chances are if you want the downloadable content you need to know which store to buy them from, this is because the addons are region specific and will not load if you have them for the wrong game.

Minna no Golf 5/Everybody’s Golf 5: Japanese/Asia Version
Server: Japan

  • Japanese PlayStation Store
  • Asia/Hong Kong Playstation Store
  • Taiwan PlayStation Store
  • Singapore PlayStation Store
  • Malaysian PlayStation Store

Everybody’s Golf World Tour: Europe/PAL Version
Server: International

  • All European or PAL PlayStation Stores

Hot Shots Golf Out of Bouds: American Version
Server: International

  • Canadian PlayStation Store
  • American PlayStation Store

How to Update or Use Download Contents

When you purchase the additional content from the store supporting your game, you may notice the downloaded file is very small [100KB]… this is because it is only a license file which unlocks the character for you if you have upated your game, simply log online from the main menu and if there is any updates you will be downloading them shortly.

If you are up to date with the current version of the game, then you should find the updated content available to you after you have downloaded the license file. In the case this isn’t working correctly, you may need to check which version of the game you have and which store you are purchasing the additional content from.

How to Play Online

There are two ways to play online… The main way is to play Grade Tournaments which is scheduled every hour of the day and come in a variety of different settings which allow up to 50 players to play with you. The other way is to create game rooms which have three different formats, one of which is similar to Grade Tournaments [Supports up to 8 players] the other two are more similar to the offline multiplayer modes [Stroke Play and Match Play].

Grade Tournaments

When you log online, you might notice that you have a white name and that there are other players with different coloured names in the lobby. Different coloured names are for different Grades. Grades is the way the Online system seperates different leveled players into groups, starting from Grade Three [G3 -White] to Grade Two [G2 – Blue] then Grade One [G1 – Red] and finally Grade Zero [G0 – Purple].

Opening up the Tournament List menu allows you to check the schedule for Grade Tournaments, you can filter out the list so only your own Grade and Grade Free Tournaments are shown. Since one of the updates awhile back, you may only register for a tournament with a tee time that is within one hour from your current clock time depending on your Grade. So the filter is a little useless since it hides any tournament that you can’t register for at the time.

Once you register for a Grade Tournament, wait around in the lobby and around 5 minutes before the starting time there will be a entry notice. A count down will begin and once it reaches zero you will be taken into the Character Selection screen for your tournament. After selecting your character you will be taken into the entry window with all the other players where you can make comments or just wait until the tournament tee time. Good Luck!

Tip: You can also Jump In a Tournament 2 minutes before the tee time to fill the last remaining spots of a unfilled tournament. While doing this you may also have another Tournament reserved should you decide to quit halfway or disconnected from the tournament you jumped, you will still have a back up reserved which will automatically take you into the next tournament if you are back in the lobby 4 minutes before the reserved tournament begins.

Grade System

As previously mentioned, there are four different Grades Online. The system works by recording your Grade Tournament performances… then promoting or demoting you accordingly. The original system was based off your wins… A certain number of wins allows you to be promoted to the next Grade, however this system was quite flawed as only strong players would be quickly promoted and when weaker players were finally able to win they were unable to stay within the grade that they promoted to. So they eventually changed the system…

The new system is based on accumulating points from your Grade Tournament placements. There are currently two systems of this being employed on the servers for more detailed information read up:

Japanese Server System: Grade System Update…
International Server System: Grade Calculation Changes…

You receive prizes for placing in a Grade Tournament that counts… There are no prizes for Grade Free Tournament placements. You will know when there is a prize if you hear the bell during the entry screen or if there is three or more places for podium [they are highlighted].

Grade Free Tournaments

A Grade Free Tournament is a tournament that all grades can play, the results don’t change anything about your grade in anyway and does not effect your points towards promotion or demotion. Also the normal Grade Tournaments become a Grade Free Tournament if there is less than 10 players that turned up to play the tournament.

Unofficial Tournaments

There is sometimes a big red stamp which says Unofficial Tournament on the tournaments that you sign up for… if these appear on a Grade Tournament, they are still counted for Grade points and all the standard conditions for them to be counted still apply. However the score achieved from these tournaments are not recorded into your profile or the online score rankings…

If this is not something you want, just avoid tournaments with Big Cup, All-Out-Battle, Light Wind or Auto-Handicap.

Online Ranking System

This system was added in an update which collects data from everyone’s Grade Tournament performance online. Data collected are each player’s wins categorised in the Grade it was won in, Number of times a character was used in a tournament and your online best scores achieved in an Official Tournament with 10 or more players.

Character Loyalty is added regardless of the tournament settings as long as you complete the tournament and allow the game to submit data to the system.



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