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Due to the nature of the Minna no Golf series Minna no Golf 6 supports a variety of Online modes. Currently there is two Online Modes available. While others will be implemented later down the track…

  • Daily Tournaments – Compete with every player who participates in one huge tournament that runs every day. There is three to choose from consisting of two 9 Hole rounds and one 18H round. Available while playing on 3G Mode and Infrastructure Mode.
  • Grade Tournaments – Similar to that of Minna no Golf 5 there is an Online Lobby you enter while playing under Infrastructure Mode. While in the Lobby you can participate in tournaments of up to 30 players and the results are recorded in your Grade Profile. Currently only Grade Free Tournaments are available, but also count towards your statistics.
  • Game Rooms – Currently not available, but again similar to Minna no Golf 5 you will be able to play you own custom game rooms from the Online Lobby.
  • Multi-Versus Mode – A new mode also to be implemented will allow players to invite other players to play games without being Online at the same time. Hence why the game is called World Invitational for the Hot Shots Golf release?

Pictures and detailed Online System translations to come…

Daily Tournaments System

This mode is straight forward, every day you are given a set of tournaments to complete with every other players who participates. You submit a score and then wait for the results the next day. This mode accumulates Tour Points which determines your overall Rank against everyone else in the world playing on the same server.

Tour Points gained differ depending on your placement:

  • 1st ~ 10th Place  is 30~21 Tour Points
  • Top 11 ~ 100 or Top ~ 10% is 20 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 20% is 15 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 30% is 12 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 40% is 10 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 50% is 8 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 60% is 5 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 70% is 4 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 80% is 3 Tour Points
  • Top ~ 90% is 2 Tour Points
  • Participating is 1 Tour Point

Grade Tournaments System

As of version 1.03 and 1.12 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita respectively. The Grade System demotion and promotion works along the lines of this table. Since I don’t play the Graded Tours and those who are already Grade Zero aren’t going to demote to confirm these values, use it as a reference but don’t freak out if the numbers are off by one or two points.

  • Victory 10 Points
  • Second 5 Points
  • Runner Up 2 Points
  • 10 Participation Rounds per block of each Grade.
Grade Grade Demotion Grade Maintenance Grade Promotion
G4 Some Points
G3 4 or Under Points 5~13 Points 14 or Above Points
G2 5 or Under Points 6~16 Points 17 or Above Points
G1 5 or Under Points 6~17 Points 18 or Above Points
G0 5 or Under Points 6+ Points

Regional Guide

Minna no Golf 6 comes in many different flavours around the world, so this guide will provide any information on the differences and cross compatibility of each version from each region. This will help people decide on which version they want to purchase or support with downloadable content.


  • Minna no Golf 6 – Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong.
  • Everybody’s Golf 6 – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore.
  • Everybody’s Golf [Vita] – UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Hot Shots Golf World Invitational – USA, Canada.

Server Region:

  • Minna no Golf 6  – Japanese Server.
  • Everybody’s Golf 6 – Asia Server.
  • Everybody’s Golf [Vita] – International Server.
  • Hot Shots Golf World Invitational – International Server.

Downloadable Content/Online Ticket Compatibility:

It seems that regardless of where you exactly purchase your title from, the Downloadable Content will work according to the version you have purchased. So if you own Minna no Golf 6 from Japan, but use a Taiwan PSN account as long as you purchase the Online Key for Minna no Golf 6 from the store it will allow you to access the downloadable content in game.

This works the same for Everybody’s Golf and Hot Shots Golf. The UK version of Everybody’s Golf will work on an Australian account that purchases the downloadable content. This also means that if you happen to have a Hong Kong PSN account you maybe able to access both Hot Shots Golf World Invitational which runs on the International Server and Minna no Golf 6 which runs on the Japanese Server.

Though we cannot confirm if that works, but in theory it should… Provided that they will release Hot Shots Golf World Invitational within Asia as they have in the past for the Portable series and Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds.

Downloadable Version:

If you purchased the downloadable copy of Minna no Golf 6, Everybody’s Golf or Hot Shots Golf World Invitational there is no need to purchase the Online Ticket/Pass as it is included with the purchase of the downloadable version of the title.

The Online Ticket/Pass is only needed for the physical copy of the game and only works with the title you own. Example: Obtained Asian version of Minna no Golf 6, while using a Japanese PSN account you would then need to purchase the Online Ticket/Pass for Minna no Golf 6 to play Online.

It is not possible to run the downloaded version on any account other than the one that purchased it. Where as the Vita Card version will work on any account or Vita without the Online Ticket/Pass.

Regional Differences:

The general game is usually the same. Everybody’s Golf is usually a direct English localisation of Minna no Golf. While Everybody’s Golf and Hot Shots Golf share the same similarities for localisation Hot Shots Golf tends to use the imperial system of measurement when it comes down to putting.

Previous versions of the games, the differences were quite major such as drastic replacement of characters with a new set of models and designs. While this happened to Hot Shots Golf, it was not the case for Everybody’s Golf which retained the original character models and sometimes even the names from Minna no Golf.

In the recent releases Clap Hanz has worked up a method of retaining their cast for regional releases. Creating a cast that features the more westernised designs along with their Japanese style design characters, however they still seem to find the need to change the names of some of the characters.

Minna no Golf 6 Characters that have had their name changed: Karen, Nalu, Tank, Edge, Satsuki and Fatima. Their localised names for Everybody’s Golf or Hot Shots Golf World Invitational are Isabella, Lani,  Pancho, Stuart, Amy and Pandora.

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