Minna no Golf 6 Shots + Points Guide:

This guide we look at the different shots and points scoring available in Minna no Golf 6 along with how to use them to your advantage. To start off we have a video showing all the Shot Styles of Minna no Golf 6. In order the Shot Styles are Gauge Shot, Circle Shot, Arrow Shot, Advanced Shot and Traditional Shot.

  • Gauge Shot – A curved version of the Traditional Shot System. It also places the impact zone near the center of the screen and becomes inverted when used with a left hander.
  • Circle Shot – New system that appears to take the curved gauge of the Gauge Shot and combine the impact system of Advanced together to form a new Shot System. It is versatile for players good with Advanced Impact and want the visible precision of a traditional gauge. Inverts when used with a lefty.
  • Arrow Shot – Also using the curved gauge this new Shot System takes a different approach with the impact system. Using a rotating arrow the Arrow Shot is for those who would like a visible indication of the angle the shot will shoot out during impact. It looks very much similar to some Bowling game’s bowling system. This shot inverts with a left hander.
  • Advanced Shot* – The Shot System for Experts…? Isn’t it? Fans of the Minna no Golf 5 introduced Shot System will be familiar with Advanced Shot. This system uses the swing of the character animation and a shrinking circle for setting the power and impact. It’s updated version includes a new swing power indicator and a few small differences with the swing arcs. Power Rabbit and Turtles won’t work with this Advanced Shot though!
  • Traditional Shot – The classic Minna no Golf Shot Style. No updates for this system… It is for those who don’t want to change from their ways or feel that this is the true style for the dedicated Mingolfer.

*Advanced Shot is the only Shot System that allows 1% modification with the adjust power at impact ability from the first loyalty heart. All other shots react the same as Traditional Shot when using the impact ability and will adjust 2% when used.

Special Shots

Other than a few new Shot Systems, Minna no Golf 6 for the Vita also features a new Extra Power Shot. There are still the standard Supers and Specials that can be applied on the shots.

  • Super Just/Perfect Impact – There are times when you Perfect Impact you will want the Maximum % and Accuracy from your situation. This is where Super Just/Perfect Impact comes in handy… Legend has it that you must set impact at the most precise timing to see the Treble Clef of Super Perfection. Others say that it is the love you give to the characters that improves the chances of Treble Clef. All we know is that it is Accurate… Super Just/Perfect Impact can make the difference between an Ace or an O.B.

  • Super Spin Shot – Pressing the directional pad while applying impact gives the shot a bit of spin. Sometimes you want a stronger spin effect. The answer…Super Spin Shot. First decide which direction you want to spin the ball in, start the shot gauge and hold the Opposite Spin Direction on the pad then set your power, now hold the Desired Spin Direction and hit Perfect Impact. If successful a blue dot will appear on the ball’s point of impact and there will be a blue streak tail following the ball’s flight. With enough Spin Lv. or club angle Super Back Spins also have an added effect of occasionally flaming up and pulling back after landing which is a very handy Super Spin to master.

  • Adjust Power Impact – Requiring One Heart of Loyalty, this ability allows you to use the Triangle or Cancel button for Adjusting Power on Impact. Triangle will slightly increase the power while Cancel will slightly decrease the power you set for your shot. [Cancel button is the Cross button for Japanese and Asia PlayStation Units while Circle is the Cancel button for other regions.]

  • Extra Power Shot – With Two Hearts of Loyalty you unlock this ability. Extra Power Shot [from here on referred to as Ex or Ex-P] is the replacement for Full Power Shot [Blue Flame Power] and removes the need for the ridiculous Rabbit and Turtle Shots.  To successfully use Ex-P you need to activate Power Shot for the shot then shake or push the handheld unit up or down during Impact. If successful a Blue Flame similar to the old Full Power Shot effect will activate and the distance will have increased greatly. Once Ex-P is enabled shaking the PlayStation Vita even slightly during impact while using a Power Shot will effectively increase the power of the shot so be careful.

Hint: Ex-P can be controlled with practice and a Perfect Impact has the best results for distance. It works on any club and activates even if you miss Perfect Impact. Ex-P can increase up to 30y Maximum Distance.

  • Rising Shot* – Three Hearts of Loyalty enables the Special Shots, one of which is the Rising Shot. Apply Super Top Spin [Down+ Up] to your Pin Shot and the ball will charge up with a surge of lightning and rise up to pin. You can also hit the Flag with a Rising Shot for additional bonuses.

  • Homing Shot – Always wanted a Heat Seeking Special Shot? Look no further than the Homing Shot. Apply Super Back Spin [Up+Down] to your Pin Shot while the Back Spin effect is active and watch the ball flame up and attempt to go back home. Homing will activate as long as the Back Spin effect is active, which means it is also possible with the normal Back Spin shot.

  • Spiral Shot* – Cyclone Shot, Tornado Shot or the Drill Shot are many names for the Spiral Shot. Apply Super Side Spin [Side to Side] to your Pin Shot and watch the ball create a small tornado and drill into the cup. Don’t hit it too high though or it might spin out of the cup.

*Activates from all conditions on a Pin Smash, but does not activate on a Pin Touch [Ball skins the Pin rather than makes a strong impact with it.]. This makes them good for recovery shots or short chips.

  • Kuru Kuru Shot/Putt – Otherwise known as the Backdoor Shot or Putt, Kuru Kuru is activated with a Super Just/Perfect Impact. When the Treble Clef appears and the ball enters the lip of the cup at the right angle you will activate the Kuru Kuru Shot or Putt. It takes two revolutions for it to succeed and extra revolutions are just for show… This is also the only Special Shot available while putting.

  • Water Skip Shot –Water Skipping is a high risk technique, but success is sometimes worth the risk. A general rule to perform it is to use Top Spin shots on the water but there are many other factors that work against any golfer regardless of how experienced they are in the art of Water Skipping. It can grant you access to places you usually cannot achieve.

Shot Points

Mastering the Points System of Minna no Golf 6 can help you pull ahead of the competition when you’ve been dragged down by the harsh conditions of the courses… Knowing how to control your points will give you a better understanding of the game too.

+20pts Fairway Keep Land the Fairway on the Drive of a Par 4 or 5.
 Update Soon… 😛


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