Minna no Tennis Portable Menu Translations

I have done a quick translation of the menus, this should get you around the game and enjoy it even if you don’t understand Japanese. However I ask that people don’t link these on other sites as I do put effort into putting them together and sometimes update the files or change some of the translations. So if you want to use them remember to link back here so everyone will always see the most up to date versions. Thanks.

I left some stuff out because they are a bit self explanatory, such as when you goto the Shop.

List of Rackets:
スタンダード – Standard Racket
みんなのラケット – Everybody’s Racket
ビギナーズ – Beginners Racket
ビッグエアー – Big Air Racket
ピンホール – Pin Hole Racket
ファーストダッシュ – Fast Dash Racket (I thought this was lame.)
スタミナチャージ – Stamina Charge Racket (This was pretty cool.)
ストロークキング – Stroke King Racket (Err…)
コートカバー – Court Cover Racket (Umm… Nice logo though.)
インフィニティー – Infinity Racket (Yay…)

List of Attributes:
トップスピン – Top Spin Shot
スマッシュ – Smash
ボレー – Volley Shot
サーブ – Serves
ロブ – Lob Shot
エアーショット – Air Shot
スライス – Slice Shot
フラット – Flat Shot
ドロップ – Drop Shot
ライジング – Rising Shot

Co-Op mode is where you connect to someone who is playing Single Player story and you can help them play a double match. This is good if you want to ensure the 100pt rounds without the pesky CPU hitting an easy shot into the net or air swinging a easy smash after standing in the yellow spot long enough to charge up.

Official Matches allow you to gain ranks in your Adhoc Versus Mode. Game Sharing Mode allows you to host for people who don’t have the game, but you have already sent them the Game Sharing version of the game and it is already installed on their PSP.

*??? is Easy Mode, you unlock it if you lose too many rounds consecutively. The game will feel sorry for you just the same as the Mingol series does and will unlock the option to make the game easier.


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