March 31, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

This weekend’s Daily Tournaments will feature extra Tour Point bonuses for the tours 312~317.

The tournaments will be on easy courses so there is no need to fear when participating in them. Good Luck!

Source: デイリー全国大会 ツアーポイントアップのお知らせ

March 23, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

As we close in towards the end of the month it is about time that we receive news about the next update…

What’s coming in 1.04?

[Game Rooms]

  • Game Room Menu added to Lobby Menu, including Real Tournament, Stroke and Match Game Modes.
[Real Tournaments]
  • Grade Tournaments Implemented. Those who played Minna no Golf Online will be familiar with this system featuring the Grade Three, Grade Two, Grade One and Grade Zero rankings. Just like the new Grade Frees the records will be recorded for each tournament with more than 10 players.
[Daily Tournaments]
  • There will be a change to the Daily System. Tour Points and Tournament History will be reset with the upcoming 1.04 update. Record of the Top 100 Players will be saved and updated to the Minna no Golf Website.
  • The Champion of Season One will be decided!
  • Before the next update please try your best to increase your ranks!

The update has yet to be released so there is still an unknown time until it is ready… but the developers are aiming to release it in this Spring Season in Japan…

Source: 今後のアップデートに関するお知らせ

March 15, 2012 · Type: Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

In case you missed it as I did [woke up to see if the Live Chat started… didn’t start went back to sleep.], the logs still appear for the chat. Some of the more technical questions I was concerned about was asked by Senidol though they didn’t seem to be answered in the way we were expecting. Since it was not specified as to why Short Chip/Approach Mode is harder to control than Long Chips nor did he understand we meant the Zero Power Shot is unlimited when you used them all up.

Some notes I can take away is that I don’t have to keep secret of the release of the PSN downloadable edition of Minna no Golf 5/Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Tour Out of Bounds. Yes this is happening…

  • Downloadable Game from PlayStation Store.
  • Contains up to date Downloadable Content. Everything released until now will be included in one purchase.
  • Sadly the broken 3D and Move Update is also part of this… Unless they patch it for this final release.

One question I should have told Senidol to ask was why the game was not in Native Resolution… I guess if we ever get another chance to do so should ask this haha, wait I think I filed that in the report… Also curious if he gets to read that bug report sent over to the European Producer or if they had a meeting about it. Guess we will never know now…

Source: Live Chat with Hot Shots Golf Producer

March 5, 2012 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Back before Minna no Golf 5 was the age of Minna no Golf Portable. There was no Online but a group of Minna no Golfers found their way to use xLink Kai’s tunnelling system for the PlayStation Portable to play Ad-hoc games over the internet.

Well xLink Kai does not work with the PlayStation Vita… It is also a pain to set up, but once you have the right equipment it is a breeze. Rummaging around my relatives house I found an old WiFi Network Adaptor I gave them for use with xLink Kai… It did not work.

Once again we are back to square one. Turns out with the popularity of tunnelling Ad-hoc PlayStation Portable games a new dedicated software was created called PSP Net Party. With a few adjustments and port opening our group of Minna no Golf Portable Golfers are once again able to play multi-player games together. An advantage to this method of playing is that you’ve got a chat log and keyboard for messaging.

What’s the rule I choose to play first…? Real Golf Mode + Tiny Cup. 😀

February 24, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event, Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Those that weren’t following me on Twitter today will have missed that I redeemed the prizes for the DocomoDake Cup. I also used them for some of today’s Daily Tournaments. Though they aren’t anything special this post will outline what you missed…

If you participated in the DocomoDake Cup Events for each tournament you will have received an email from the 21st of February that notifies you of your participation in which tournament. If you participated in all four rounds then you will have received five emails in total. You’ll then redeem your prize with the details from the email on the PlayStation Store.

Round One Participation Prize: Chichi DocomoDake Ball.

Round Two Participation Prize: Musume DocomoDake Club.

Round Three Participation Prize: Haha DocomoDake Ball.

Round Four Participation Prize: Kareshi DocomoDake Club.

Round Three & Four Participation Prize: Chichi DocomoDake Lobby Part.

Once you redeem your prizes and restart the game it will install the contents into your game data… You will then be able to use the items in game… Though these items are supposed to be of no effect to the characters status… DocomoDake Clubs and DocomoDake Balls actually gives a bonus…

» More ・ もっと読む…?

February 23, 2012 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Today’s maintenance will be pushing the 3D and Move Support for Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Tour Out of Bounds… well I don’t have a PlayStation 3 at the moment to confirm but according to the post by Envisager at the Everybody’s Golf Community.

If the update is the same as Minna no Golf 5 then there will be a few changes to game play and maybe course updates that potentially decrease the quality of the game. So look at this as either a positive or negative thing depending on how you enjoy the game.

PlayStation Move is fun but not being able to use it Online makes the update redundant and the fact you need to replay the game from scratch to unlock everything makes it unattractive to people who already own the game. This however is fine for those who recently bought the game.

Source: 3D & Move Patch – 23rd February 2012

February 22, 2012 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event · Shihiko

The english version of Minna no Golf 6 releases today along with the PlayStation Vita. There is also an Asian release called Everybody’s Golf 6 which suspiciously released today also instead of the usual Hot Shots Golf that gets released. I have a feeling that this version will be the version that connects to the international server, but without details I cannot confirm.

Everybody’s Golf 6 appears to have released in Asian PSN stores along side Minna no Golf 6. I will look into it soon, as people are just buying the game now…

February 21, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

A new information site has opened up for Minna no Golf 6. The site covers all the information about the game’s updates and downloadable contents. It also has all the information about events and tournaments along with maintenance information… In general it is a very good resource for the details trailing the Minna no Golf 6 world.

If you look at the site you will notice it has a few categories under the downloadable content section. It’s clearly a hint of what is to come as there is many categories beyond the usual Character, Course and Lobby Part Downloadable Content. Ultimate Gear Downloadables? 😛

Source: Minna no Golf 6 Player’s Information Site

February 21, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

For those who participated in the DocomoDake Cup Events you will have received a email notification including a Download Code for that Round of the event you participated in.

The email mentions the details about how to redeem the prize. You will be unable to redeem the prize until February 24th so there is no need to worry if you just tried the code and received an error while doing so. Will update with instructions and pictures once it is available…

February 15, 2012 · Type: Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Well it only applies to those who pre-ordered the PSVita system to receive it a week early… the rest of the gang hanging around will have to wait for the regular release date.

This also applies to those waiting for Everybody’s Golf as we weren’t given the option to get the system ahead of the retail release date. 🙁

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