June 7, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Music is not as epic as previous trailers of the series… Though maybe I’m just thinking of the Minna no Golf Trailers. Anyway enjoy… 🙂

We get a good look at some of the new courses… The male character Max shown looks a lot like the classic goofy HSG port style characters… Ugh not those again. Our new main female is now called Yuna… Yuna’s animations and style looks a bit like a cross between Aya and Nanako. Well what does everyone else think?

So far I see three new courses. One that looks like or has a similar style to Ayamegahara [Highland], A new one that seems to be similar style to Southern Alps from PSP and also Golden Desert type course.

The HUD looks much better than the concept press demo of the NGP. It also looks like the spins will be giving a different colour for the shot again… Good. They also decided to bring Advanced back instead of using the Hybrid Advanced Traditional shown in the NGP Demo… That might mean the two shot styles are back again or there is 3 shot styles now… Well I would like to see Skull shots make a return or Rabbits and Turtles removed however that might not happen haha…

June 7, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

As expected the coverage for this game is pretty low. Not many new information was released of things we didn’t know. Kotaku has one article related to the game, but it uses dated information going back to last month so nothing new at the E3 show so far…

Just a recap though, it will be definitely coming to the PSVita first… I still speculate that it will have a cross-platform release with the PS3 but that will be later after the initial market has picked up the Vita version. We will have online play and the old courses and downloadable content will be available already in game… Those who have seen the screens during the NGP announcement might think we are getting old content as downloads but that will not be the case, those screens were for press and media coverage so they don’t reveal new courses or characters.

What I feel would be a deal breaker to online play is if they don’t continue to keep the Lobby system on the new portable device. Since it isn’t a issue for typing if we have a touch screen anyway… Everyone knows the game is more fun with the lobby system compared to the PSP versions’ XML web login IP finding system… It should be a proper server for this up coming game anyway so don’t take this as the word for online is not going to be great. We will see when the time comes or more information arises. 🙂

May 17, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Those who are playing online now would already know this, but those who have yet to touch their PlayStation 3s will be glad to know that the servers have been working perfectly fine during the outage… Problem was that we were unable to sign-in so the login server couldn’t authenticate users onto the game servers.

Those who play Minna no Golf 5 will notice the server is practically empty or deserted. The Japanese Government has issued a denial of service until Sony can prove their service is safe and secure or has gone under strict testing before they are allowed to set their service and servers up again for the Asian PlayStation Network. Hence why there will be no Japanese players able to log on to play Minna no Golf 5, unless they have a non-Japanese PlayStation Network ID they can temporarily log on to play.

On a side note, this site has been updated to fix some bugs and it seems other bugs have arose so I will look into fixing those or implementing other features. 🙂

April 4, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Ah I forgot to post this… always forget that it’s in April. News has been slow anyway and I’m currently away overseas. Clap Hanz renewed their website design though but nothing else new came with it.

The new site comes with a mobile version as well for those who access through a mobile browser…

Other news that involves Clap Hanz was that last month they donated 500 million yen towards helping those effected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. We pray for both the people of Japan and Clap Hanz through the tough times they may be going through with the nuclear tragedy at Fukushima. Clap Hanz is located in Yokohama, which is slightly south west of Tokyo.

You can check out Clap Hanz new website here.

February 17, 2011 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

I haven’t had to make any maintenance posts for awhile… Minna no Golf 5 will be having an extended server maintenance period next week on Feburary 24th from 10:00 to 19:00. No this is not a joke it is nine hours long…

Extended Maintenance:

  • February 24th
  • Time: 10:00~19:00 Japan Time/Server Time.

During this time you will not be able to play online or login to the server. So you’ll have to look for something else to do during those hours… Little Big Planet 2?

January 28, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Online Confirmed. Also a few other pictures I found that contain a good amount of details to help hypothesize what we will be looking forward to…

The current Next Generation PSP is kind of big…

Character model or design looks a little less deformed than normal. 🙁
Also not really a fan of that swing meter… The power bar is there to show the exact swing and then there is a new accuracy cone that swings in when you set the power. Too many user interface elements obstructing the clean feel of the game.

This video is a higher quality and more detailed recording of the game screen during the demonstration. If you watch it you will understand what I am referring to when I mentioned the swing system. One thing I like is that there is no Rabbit or Turtle. 😛 Still might come back in the final version…

Is this an in-game screen shot or that “Good Job” screen video? That hole render looks pretty good… then again Mingol 5 pre-release ones were rendered quite similar.

Here is the game website or maybe the menu you get when you press the icon on the main console menu, as you can see there is Online Tournaments and PlayStatoin Store support. The Online tournaments may work more similar to the Mobile version of Mingol where players sign up and play the game then the score gets uploaded to the event rankings.

This seems to be a status update list that shows your friend’s activities and information from the games you are playing. Since in this screen it says there are players online it may mean that we have a proper online system, however the Japanese meaning translates slightly different and means there are 100,000 people participating rather than playing online. Participating could mean signed up for the event or tournament. Either way I’d prefer seeing the lobby system instead of a online rankings board that we sign on to play tournaments.

[Also demonstrators are cheating again… 3 Aces in a row… Par 3, 4 and 5? :P]
Notice that there is Trophies next to the statuses… Great we need 3 Aces in a row to get a Gold Trophy. 😛

Lastly this picture… Not exactly the great picture to end this post on. Oh no need to pay for Mingol 5 character, courses, equipment and costumes even though we own it already. 🙁

A conclusion to all these pictures that can be a good thing is that if you noticed all the pictures featured bilingual text, this maybe a good sign for Global Server in Mingol NEXT. These pictures were sourced from Famitsu and other various Japanese Gaming resource sites.

January 27, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Mingol Next Generation Portable Game! Also I really like the new portable’s specifications. 😀 I will write more about that on the other site for those who are interested.

Apart from all the extra features they are adding to the interface and virtual world window mode, who likes the new changes? Also they are a long way from completion… You can tell by the use of the Autumn Pagoda music in the demonstration. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the touch panel interface for changing equipment, but the new tee ball placement seems to be a nice touch… should also animate the character to walk to the position and put the ball down rather than slide around while the player decides where to place it. [I know it is development, but really there is always things that they put in the development then take out in the final…]

So far the style looks to be a cross between Mingol and Portable series, the text and interface seems to look very PSP styled while the character and course looks like the standard high-poly versions in the PS3… For a moment in the video I thought the guy was going to swing the PSP to hit a shot, if that had happened I would have probably thought the series was in trouble. 😛

Ah it’s over for me, not a fan of the new female main character… it’s the costume I think, looks slightly Panya styled. 😛 Jasmine, Aya and Yukino… who will replace them, at least they looked like golfers? Or will they be included in this version… I still say that ClapHanz should make this as a cross platform game for PS3 and NGP to save them development costs.

Last point… Another advantage for this game is that the announcement of 3G support for it means that MingolN can support online gaming, and we all know that Mingol series have been great for world wide gaming since there is no need for frame by frame interaction between players. However 3G being a slightly unstable medium for gaming they will need a system to support people losing connection and rejoining the game without being totally cut off… *Cough* Mingol 5 servers and MingolP2 tournament hosting system. *Cough* Don’t you hate it when you’re hitting a new best score and the screen blacks out for a few seconds… then lights up with Network Error written all over it?

If you want to read more on my views of the PlayStation Next Generation Portable, head over to my Game Design site

January 17, 2011 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

It’s interesting to try and guess what kind of pressure Clap Hanz is under from Sony. It has been awhile since they updated their site, but they did update this month… only to say that they are still looking for new recruits and their new recruit email is recruiter at instead of the previous staff at Best not to post the actual email in case there is spam bots lurking around. I wonder why they changed it anyway? Was there people spamming or misusing their original email?

Just a bit of speculation, with the current standings of Sony PlayStation what kind of issues is Clap Hanz dealing with? PlayStation 3 security breached, PlayStation Portable also uses the same signing keys so releasing anything for these two must be a headache to think about. With the upcoming PlayStation Pocket for the Xperia Play and PlayStation Portable 2 coming later this year, will we be seeing a Minna no Golf on every one of these systems?

If the PlayStatoin Portable 2 is as powerful as a PlayStation 3, then my suggestion is to make a Minna no Golf that is compatible with both systems. This means that the developers only need to develop assets for one system instead of two or even two different games. Have both games share the same Online Network and this gives players the opportunity to play while on the go or on their big screens. It would be nice to be able to login to the lobbies while you are travelling around or out and about.

In other news… I’m going to be submitting a game for release next week. Should be fun. 🙂

January 1, 2011 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

The year 2010 has been quite slow for Clap Hanz… I’m sure they are having many issues to deal with and decide on for the fate of the Mingol series. Here is to hoping that 2011 is a better year for Mingol fans… and that Clap Hanz makes the right decisions with their best golfing video game.

If they still need a Game Designer/Planner/Programmer/2D/3D Graphics Designer… they could always ask me to go, I just need somewhere to stay while working there… that would probably make some interesting articles for this site and for their games. 🙂


December 25, 2010 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Happy Holiday Season and have a Merry Christmas Everyone. 🙂

On Christmas YouTube gave me uploads of more than 15 minutes… So now I can record live matches without cutting out as much, however sadly I spent time cutting this one down but then added those back in when I was given the additional option.

Just some information, this match is with T.Y [TiYo08]… He is usually a fast player, one of the fastest [of veteran or high level Mingol players] that I have seen. However when ever I tell him that I will be recording him, his play becomes a little camera shy and we don’t see much action in the game. This time I played a few matches with him without telling him that I would be recording. I did tell him at the end, but the result is he doesn’t play super fast and we had a relaxed and fun match.

One thing that could have made this match more exciting to watch would have been if those KuruKuru [Backdoor] putts we tried actually succeeded and also if I hadn’t missed my first short chip chance. Either one of those could have pulled this into a Sudden Death which is great since I can post more than 15 minutes per video… 😀

Do people really get camera shy when being told their game will be recorded if it is potentially possible that I will post it? I mean the odds are usually in the favour of the players being featured… I won’t post 3UP videos that last three or four holes unless it was three long chips in a row… since potentially I sometimes do three short chips and out point score them. Other than that, a match that has no special features also doesn’t have a good chance of being featured. [Opponent played poorly, bad condition/form with lack of good impact, messing around and wasting time for viewers, nothing potentially educational for improving the viewers play style…etc.]

Tell me what you think? Should putts be cut when the outcome is determined is good or not… If you would like to be featured for a recorded match, post and I will try work out a time to do so…


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