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It’s been a bit slow with the news for the series around here… even I’m having less time to play the game, but I guess it shouldn’t stop me trying to do these shots every now and then. This shot route or performance was requested by Kamebon about a year ago. Around the time I hit the last Ultimate Albatross since I decided not to tour anyway…

Despite this was hard to get, it doesn’t look or feel as impressive as the previous ones… probably due to how low the Air Spiral was and how cleanly it flew and skipped water. The real challenge in this was getting the right pin and playing the shot through the trees. You can easily play a few that nearly Albatross on the back pins, but then there would be no water skipping… In a way that is a nice way to approach those pins haha…

Anyway will probably work on others when I get the chance… such as the Hole 16 Ultimately Luck Based Eagle Challenge from Crystal and Reeja… 😛

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Sounds a bit familiar? This isn’t news… haha.

PlayStation Move Setup Guide.

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Not sure if anyone is able to play this game… but if you have an iMode mobile phone in Japan and you play Minna no Golf Mobile 3, there is currently a special campaign they are running which you can get parts for a Toro costume.

The campaign event runs from today until November 2nd. To participate you need to select national tournament from the game menu and play the Toro Cup tournaments… the prizes will be the Toro Suit Kit. Looks like this…

Specific Details:
Event Name: Dokodemo Issyo Campaign.
Scheduled: September 30th 2010 ~ November 2nd 2010.
Game Software: Minna no Golf Mobile 3 [iMode Version, EZweb Version]
Tournament Name: Toro Cup.
Prize: Toro Suit Kit/Set.
How to Participate: Load Minna no Golf Mobile 3, Select Golf with Everyone then National Tournament and then Toro Cup [Special Tournament]. After playing and uploading your score data you will be taken to the Campaign Event site and will be able to get the prize.


Someone hit 100% Perfect Impact…?

Hah… I just realised they cheated. This is a 9H round with -22… 439.7m putts? Also a 9H Out best score of -26?… That’s messed up, they basically putt aced every hole except one… did rising pop on that hole?

Source: 『みんなのGOLF モバイル3』で“どこいつ”キャンペーン

September 18, 2010 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Tokyo Game Show 2010… How was it? Well a lot of waiting. If you want to buy rare goods or play all the good games in one day, you better be there early and line up for tickets that give you 10 or 15 minutes with each game you want to play… Other than that well it is probably much more fun to read and watch videos online than stand around waiting for a preview.

3D Games however cannot be experienced online. So I guess it was okay that we tried Minna no Golf 5 in 3D. I did try some other games but that is for another site… We weren’t allowed to take photos or videos or I would have. I did try to with ninja skills… and succeeded so I’ll upload it later. Though there is no real point since the 3D effect makes everything look double vision without the glasses.

Today I met up with Yamachan and Maronpafe at Tokyo Game Show. Together we reserved 45 minutes with the demo and tried all sorts of things to test and break the game in both 3D and game play. Some specifications for the Demo:

  • Minna no Golf 5 Concept Demo.
  • Course: Oceania Resort Course Regular Tee.
  • Character: Jasmine.
  • Club & Ball: Standard.
  • Advanced Shot Only. No Character Select Menu… No Traditional.

Well it looks like the usual Demo specifications. This is how it went… I went first, the moment you press Start on the title screen it goes straight into the loading screen with Oceania Resort Course as the wallpaper. So there was no chance I was going to be able to play a Live 3D Match with either of two. The game starts with Jasmine and there is 3H set on Hole Shuffle, the 3D effect was well done and Jasmine and the course really looks good.

The impact circle however was changed so it appears where the ball exactly is on the course. This effect results in only half of the circle showing… Not sure if the 3D effect for this is required. Anyway there was a funny moment when I started because the first hole that came up was 3H of Oceania… and while we were lining up to reserve a spot, Yamachan was saying “Hole Shuffle huh? You obviously want to play the rock bounce on 3H right?”… haha. 😀

I played about 9 holes while trying various things to test the game engine and the game play. Homing didn’t work…? Yeah turns out we are probably using a zero loyalty Jasmine. Sadly that means we don’t have any specials at all… Well next up was Yamachan.

This concept demo doesn’t seem to be using an updated Game Engine and more so just a 60 frame per second version of the original engine, which has clearly cost it’s performance… During some moments while we were just looking at the course or moving the aiming cursor or panning the screen there was huge frame rate drops and lag even though we weren’t even swinging the club or using power shots.

During Yamachan’s session, he tried to do some Air Risers and it confirmed that specials don’t work since my Homing attempt could have just been bugged… well I guess that wasn’t the case. The next chip chance I said “In that case we are going for Flag Ball.” and Yamachan says “What? I don’t know how to do it…” and I said “Hmm yeah I don’t know with Standard Jasmine, but should be…” and so I explained while looking at the double vision screen and we succeeded~!

Maronpafe then had his session with the demo… at this point we were kind of done with testing since we pretty much know what is going on with the demo. The sad thing about watching the 3D effect game is that you cannot see what is happening clearly so you can’t really help judge the other player making the shot. It isn’t too bad but there was a funny moment where both Yamachan and I were watching Maronpafe hit a long putt and we thought it was going in but it was the left ball overlaying the right hole and the ball just passes over the hole hahaha…

One last thing I wanted to test before our session was over is… How playable is the game without the glasses? So I went for another 3 holes and played without the glasses while the other two had it on. Sadly I was perfect impacting more without the glasses and playing better with the double vision than when the whole 3D effect was on. Also I noticed that while playing if the game suddenly breaks out or doesn’t sync the 3D effect with the glasses due to lag or frame rate dropping it really ruins the game play or the flow because you will suddenly see the double vision for a split second and it makes your eyes tired readjusting to it over and over again.

So far from what we have seen, apart from it confirming my suspicions… it seems like this probably won’t be something coming soon and with how broken the effect can be along with the game being so old now. ClapHanz has again updated their website with urgent need for staff so they must be behind or lacking human resources, otherwise this concept demo would have been made a lot better. I’d apply but I don’t live in Japan… 😛

September 16, 2010 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Following the Live Sony Tokyo Game Show conference from Engadget… This came up in the presentation…

Chances are it is Mingol 5 with 3D implemented, but if that is the case… I fear that if they plan to update the current game the frame rate and lag will be really messed up if they don’t fix the current engine for the game.

Mingol 5 runs at 30 frames per second [while most games running in 720p with nicer graphics can do 60 frames per second], but 3D requires 60 frames per second by feeding 30 to each eye per second for a smooth animation. Using Power Shots during high-polygon count displays already drops the 30 frames down considerably at times so doing this may hurt game play [more than it already does now] without fixing the current problems.

Let’s hope it is a new engine for Minna no Golf 6 and they are still in development and haven’t made new courses or characters for prototyping purposes. However they did say…

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September 10, 2010 · Type: Minteni Event · Shihiko

One of the reasons I am sometimes interested about obtaining a Japanese mobile phone is for playing all the Mobile Minna no Series. This is another nice looking addition to their mobile series…

Anyway busy at the moment… so no indepth detail. You can try Famitsu it with a translator…

Source: 『みんなのテニス モバイル2』キャラクターカスタマイズが可能になったシリーズ最新作

August 30, 2010 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Well with nothing much happening around here… I guess it is safe to say that I’m going on a break to Japan for a few weeks… Clap Hanz hasn’t moved or budged for awhile but that may change in the weeks to come. I still hold my doubts because Famitsu usually would have some information about up coming games by now… other than that well while I’m in Japan I’ll try check out Tokyo Game Show… I’ll also probably pick up Japanese PSN credit so… If people are interested feel free to ask.

I’ll be leaving this post with some recent videos of matches I had with my rival/friend. Though my performance wasn’t the usual… he can put on a pretty good show too… 😀

Yes, they are both the same person… and yeah Dual Style player. 🙂

August 1, 2010 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Wasn’t so fun trying to get this uploaded… but now that I know, I will know what to expect from Youtube in the future…

This match was pretty funny, see I have tried to capture a few good matches with players who are interested in playing in them… well this was a randomly generated character match, the gear and setup are all generated by a script I wrote a long time ago for my trick shot rival when he was touring in the shadows. Anyway it is interesting what combos can come up, however we happened to get Jasmine and Toro… Canillo actually uses Toro quite regularly, the only part that ended up being random was the gear. Who uses Magnum Side or Pin Turbo?

Sadly I had to cut out a lot of rubbish shots or putts to fit it into the limit… This time when Youtube means 15 minutes, they mean 15 minutes… not 15:59 which you could do with the 10 minute limit and push it to about 10:59. It’s okay though cause the shots you don’t see are just putts or any shot that wastes time because the player is unable to win the hole anyway. Enjoy. 🙂

July 29, 2010 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

If you haven’t purchased the Mingol 5 Extras or Addons well it is now the 29th and the half price special is now over. On another note, I just noticed that the upload duration limit of videos on Youtube is now 15 minutes. This is enough for nearly a full match… Cool. 😀

Guess I’ll be recording more matches again… No need to program my own video player just to have videos longer than 10 minutes now. 🙂 How about a speed run? 😉

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July 26, 2010 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Nothing Special Happened… I was thinking of holding an event but was actually busy today. 🙁

Anyway… It would have been nice if the brought out the cake for awhile… too bad I guess.


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