December 31, 2013 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

So it looks like they are doing the Christmas and new years thing again for those who have missed out on previous years.

New post under the latest news on the players information website mentions that due to the bugs experienced with the Chip in Lobby they are unable to bring it back for this year. Will have to wait until a later date for them to bring it back… Anyway the game has gone pretty sour now by the looks of things. If you just want a fun game go for it, but if you’re looking for competition you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

I have a feeling they know it is pretty messed up now and just making it worse and milking it with whatever they can because the PS4 is out and any little bit of money they get will help fund the next game.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Celebration~!

December 18, 2013 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Finally they make good use of the Lobby Characters… However I think it’s a limited time event too… Due to some error the emergency maintenance has had to take down the Lobby Golf feature. Those who were able to participate and learn some new spells can still use them for the meantime. :/

Also Toro and Kuro are coming with cosplay as new characters. Sold separately they are 500 JPY each, 400 JPY for the costume and the set including the costume for each of them is 600 JPY each.

Update 1.12 Details:

  • Rare Character Costumes Gashapon System Added.*
    *Requires PlayStation Store purchase of Tickets to use. Tickets are consumable items.
  • Chip-in Golf Lobby Opened.
  • Changes to Club House Lobby Names.

Update 1.13 Details:

  • Fixed Bugs.
  • Chip-in Golf Lobby Temporarily Closed.

Well that was a pretty big let down. So there are new player character costumes added but you need to use the ticket system to obtain them. Granted you could be lucky and get the costume you want off the bat so no need to spend too many tickets. However you only need like 15 tickets to collect all the costumes. The rare costumes apparently also increase the stats of the character. Though I have yet to test any of this due to it seems to be a huge mess. I’ll update the site when I can test out the Lobby Golf. Rare character costumes are not a limited time event, while the Lobby Golf system seems like it might be.

Lobby Golf event will be running from the 18th to the 22nd of December, but it looks like it isn’t running at all at the moment. 🙁

October 31, 2013 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Hello Everyone, so the time has come for us to say goodbye to the most fun online service for the Everybody’s Golf series. I did say I would be streaming something for it so the plan is to get as many people into a Grade Free Tour and then do a few game rooms after. Preferably matches or strokes with the top 3 players of the Grade Free tour we play.

Not sure how to get the time right for everyone for this tour, but it is on Floor 7. GMT 0:00 AM [6:00PM CST 7:00PM EST 4:00PM PST]. It is Intermediate Euro Classic 18H Normal Timer and has players booked. The stream will be up at or USTREAM if you want to watch it.

October 10, 2013 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Minna no Golf 6 has been released as The Best series in Japan which is the budget line of games for PlayStation in Japan… to celebrate they are doing a Promotion on half of the Downloadable Contents.

The promotion starts from 10th of October 2013 and ends on the 23rd of October 2013. The discount is a flat half price on old contents and seems to be all the contents up to Lv.4 Gear sets. Everything else is still the original price it seems. For a visual list of what is on special follow the source link.

Source: Best版発売記念!ダウンロードコンテンツ半額キャンペーン実施中!

October 10, 2013 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

A new update is available for Minna no Golf 6… It’s version 1.10 on the PS3 and 1.19 for the PS Vita. Update size for PS3 is 153MB… Looks to me like it’s a Quality of Life update, is it too little too late or enough to get you all back to play?

Update 1.10 Includes:

  • Changes to Grade System Promotion and Demotion Point System.
  • Requirements to start a Grade Tournament is now 6 Players instead of 10.
  • Podium % has been raised to 40% from 25%.
  • Function  to decrease wait time between holes has been added. [Grade Tours when players finish the time is reduced to 15 seconds wait.]
  • Function to switch between Tournament List and Game Room List added.
  • Behaviour of Pet Accessory [Lobby Part] has been adjusted.
  • Bug Fixes.

Seems like the reduction of players is making the server system unsustainable…? Well the shorter wait times between holes seems to be for real tournaments also the cool lobby pets function is nice… The news announcement in-game has a mistake in it, whoever is in charge of typing that up failed.

Source: PS3®版『みんなのGOLF 6』アップデート1.10のお知らせ

October 1, 2013 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

So I haven’t been loading up the PlayStation 3… Any how this has come up which I didn’t see coming, was expecting either a new course by now. I’m just going to translate what it says on the fly instead of writing my own version because this seems a little more delicate than normal announcements.

[Translated as follows…]

Thank you for your support and for always playing Minna no Golf series. We apologize to everyone who has purchased the Lv.5 Gear Set. From September 26th, only to customers who purchased Lv.5 gear, the Lv.6 gear that should appear during October has begun to show up in game. You will not be able to use this at the moment, it is a deficiency on the display and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

[End of Translation…]

Well then, No interest in that order… Level 6 Gear now? After people started leaving when Level 5 Gear showed up… I am not too sure about their business plan anymore. No new courses?

Source: Minna no Golf 6 Player’s Information News.

August 30, 2013 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

A new PlayStation Vita System Update 2.61 is out and addresses the frame rate and freezing issues with Minna no Golf 6 or the regional localised counterparts. There was also a Bug Fix patch… Update 1.09.

August 24, 2013 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Was going to post this the other night after the post of Pac-Man but ended up playing Everybody’s Golf for the night and forgot all about it…

So the new things added was an Assist Mode and some VTR Encoding options. Assist Mode is nice if you have friends you want to teach the game to but find it hard to verbally explain what to do when playing offline. Assist Mode is only available in Single Player and does not work Online. Basically it works using a second controller and you can put a cursor on the course while the main player is playing the game.

VTR Encoding which in my opinion is totally not worth it unless you have something that really must be shown to everyone. The resolution is quite low but this is mainly because the encoding is done in real time while you watch a VTR replay. It’s quite easy and seamless to set up and upload a video to YouTube, but the quality is poor and low resolution. On top of that they stick a watermark on the video similar to the screenshot ones.

Now about Pac-Man… He’s got pretty cool sounds from his games haha… Interestingly enough he starts with MAX loyalty and his gear set puts you up to 11 Power Shots on 9 Holes. Might be worth buying for Erika and those who have low powers, it’s an ugly ball though and would have been nicer if it was kind of similar to the Smiley/Docomodake Ball designs. I mean why didn’t they just use a standard 2D Pac-Man image instead of the awkward 3D rendered version.

Lobby part costs 300 JPY and pretty much just turns you into a Pac-Man with no other lobby parts available to use. Nothing much to really say about that, also since screen shots of the game contained lobby characters that had names of the English localised characters you can expect Pac-Man to be available on the international server in the near future.

To those who watch the Golf Streams, some streaming equipment is acting up and there will be no golf stream for maybe a week… That doesn’t mean I cannot record for YouTube, they are different parts of equipment in the system. Might be a week of no golf stream… however there is Final Fantasy XIV stream if anyone is interested in watching me explore the world.

August 22, 2013 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Looks like the next character we are getting for Minna no Golf 6 is Pac-Man… … … If you equip the Smiley Ball on Pac-Man it will make him Over Powered Novice! Kidding, but it looks like he hits himself.

Update 1.07 [163MB] Includes:

  • Assist Function Support.
  • VTR Encoding Support. [Finally… a bit late but this was something I would have added to the series long ago.]
  • Information Function Support.
  • Various bug fixes.

Patch Notes: Player’s Information Site

This video was uploaded 15 days ago, so they’ve had this planned for two weeks. It’s the press that has been releasing the details today. 4Gamer has a few pictures and screenshots of what Pac-Man looks like in the lobby part you can also get. You practically become a Smiley Ball in the lobby. Player’s Information site has covered the details about Pac-Man including the other DLCs available.

Pac-Man’s Details

Power D
Control C
Impact A
Spin C
Side Spin C
Attributes Rough+
Character Data
Age ?
Height ?
Weight ?kg
Nationality Pac-World
Hobby Eating
Dislikes Hunger


I’m born from the Pac-World. Cookies, Fruits and Snacks…. I love all sorts of food. I eat bad ghosts! If I play golf,  I will be able to each a delicious lunch right? I look like a Golf Ball? I understand the way a ball feels so I’ll hit consecutive nice shots!

[That was some weird profile text to translate…]

  • Pac-Man will cost 400 JPY for one system or 600 JPY Cross-buy for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.
  • Pac-Man Gear Set will cost 150 JPY… Wow someone came to their senses? Pac-Man Gear Set increases power and power shots available.
  • Pac-Man Lobby Part costs 300  JPY… Okay, I take that back.

Guess that’s it for me. I’ll be wasting my time away in another game until things are more serious and balanced around here…

Source: Player’s Information Site +

August 8, 2013 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Been lazy about posting this since I read about it a few days ago… Everybody’s Golf World Tour and Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds online service will be ending on Oct 31st 2013… Timing seems about right in accordance to the PlayStation 3 release of Everybody’s Golf 6.

Trivia… did you know that the servers are the same for the login server is the same for both versions of the game? So they are really just shutting down the grade tour and leaderboard servers. Though it will be Halloween for some when the servers are shut down, is there people who would like me to stream the last day of Everybody’s Golf World Tour Online?

Envisager made a post about it over at the Community Forums.

Source: Everybody’s Golf World Tour Online Services to come to a close

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