February 5, 2009 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Alright just got the update for Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Tour Out of Bounds…

Not going to cover the news for the International version anymore, the team handling that server is lame. What was wrong with Jurrasic Island C.C.?
Golfasaurus-Rex B.C.C…. Someone has been smoking the wrong batch of grass.

Anyway, this update brings all the downloadable content up to date with the Mingol server… so I guess I will just cover Mingol and it should give people an idea of what is to come.

January 29, 2009 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Well not really an update, but a few new parts have been enabled for Mingol 5 Online.

Other than that, they brought back the Mainichi Issyo lobby which has been available all the time for the International server ever since Toro has been added.

This is pretty much it for this month.

January 23, 2009 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

May not be the end, but Mingol 5’s current No.1 player サタン is retiring… As a tribute to his fine play I have gathered some of his memorable rounds off him. The nail to the coffin of all his screenshots was when he asked me to help format his Playstation 3. Though his best I reckon was the Safari Back Tee Mirror -25 score and 6704pts with Nakajima/Fernando… No screen of it but the record still remains on the online event score rankings. He forgot to screenshot it… Orz?

As a last request I played him in two matches and one real tournament. Great fun… wish I could have recorded it because he had so many amazing recovery shots. Though I am sure he will feel the withdrawal and fork out for a new 80GB Playstation 3 soon enough.

December 24, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

I would have thought this was out on the last patch, but no they decided to save it as a Christmas Update. Which means there is nothing new this month…

 Also the 0 Second Freeze Bug has been fixed.

Update [08122501]:

  • Voice Chat Added to Match Play Format Game Rooms.
  • Zero Second Message Freeze Bug Fixed.
December 24, 2008 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

The free gift that they are giving away is Toro.

For those who haven’t found out about it he appears in the Loyalty ranking score board after the latest patch. So you could assume he was coming. You will need to get him from the PlayStation Store when they have updated the store near you.

December 18, 2008 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Christmas comes early for Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Tour Out of Bounds? The Online Rankings or Leader boards are finally added… It’s free of course. What a nice present from the people at Clap Hanz. Also the next costume pack is also out…

Update [08121801]:

  • Online Ranking System Added.
  • Costume Pack Vol. 3 Added.

As a Thanks for playing this year present, they have also prepared something coming up for Christmas Eve… So stick around as it might be interesting. 🙂

December 18, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Long wait? Well actually I had a huge list of criteria to go through for each shot… the key to this competition was just to look for a beautifully executed shot. Shots were rewarded for things such as Perfect Impacts and how nicely they holed out. Each video would be judged with the criteria to generate a base score then I would apply my thoughts and experience to see if the video/shot deserves more points. Knowing that this would be no fun if it was a luck based competition, anything luck based would be scaled down a little during the finalisation. Interesting enough not many people submitted Homing related shots.

Hikari’s shot was the one which scored the most base score. Except it is abit unfair because it is the only MingolP2 entry and you cannot do Power Recovery in Mingol5… plus I had already seen it prior to starting the competition. The base score was 12… but that’s where I left it. All PI shots in MingolP2 are SPI so I decided that it didn’t need to be scaled up.

One of the few Homing shots came from gmoney. I quite liked this one… the video was nice to watch. A PI and SPI combo to and Albatross hole out… Also the SPI to start a Homing Shot, but that was where it was let down… Despite a SPI Homing is a great shot, there was a low number of homes… As part of the criteria, Homing Shots needed to reach a few milestones to score good base points. For gmoney’s fine play on Oceania plus his base score of 9… I added another point on top giving a final score of 10 for this video.

We have a winner! Oh wait no we don’t… I really thought koudman had this in the bag when I first saw his video. Clearly the shots were top notch quality… He had it all, the PIs… the Rebound Shot… the Air Spiral… but it lost it’s appeal as other shots were entered. It also wasn’t unique enough… even Doylev was originally planning to enter a similar Rising shot version with Alex [Yukino] and I myself have done the same spiral shot with Sophie during a Big Cup round (what a waste). The base score was 10 with an added bonus of 1 point as the shot is still very nice and top quality material. Total 11.

On to our next Homing Shot. This one was from megaman80… A nice Homing Backdoor finishing shot (the real back door). Base score was 9… I decided not to give any bonus to this one since experts on highland is similar to going down to the pitch and putt. It was also let down by a non-PI Tee shot.

Cartman’s shot video was a good watch. It was sad that it opened with non-PI Tee shot, but I liked the high velocity spiral finish… Safari is a decent course, granted he could have also scored more for doing more tricks on this hole the base score was around 9 points… I gave it a 1 point bonus for the difficulty of the course and also nice entry for hole out. Total 10.

Scraticus took my any shot can enter offer abit far heh… Clearly he had better shots to submit but he chose to submit one that meant something to him. His video scored a base of 3 points… was let down by lack of PI and the lipped in entry didn’t look too great. I’ll give it another point for bravery in submitting a shot that had sentimental value…. That’s 4 points.

Cars’ entry was a Rabbit Shot Ace. Clearly a luck based shot… Though because it is just a simple Ace and not a shot limited to only Expert characters only, it wasn’t able to score very high in base points. In the criteria, points were given to Rabbit and Turtle only when they were Max versions (similar to getting the black dots for the skulls in Mingol4 and MingolP1). It scored 7 points for the overall shot and how nice it entered the cup during hole out.

Wow, Doylev’s shot really is nice to watch… Even though the first shot gained no base points, the second shot alone was worth 11 points. A Zero Bounce Air Spiral Albatross with a high velocity high hit on the pin, very nice indeed. The shot gained no bonus points because it was clear that most of the events that occurred was unintentional. No Max Turtle left the shot in the rough and no SPI during the recovery shows the % was a very lucky shot… if it was a PI or Max Turtle into the rough then this could have been the clear winner as it is also on one of the toughest holes in the game. For that I left it here… 11 points.

So that leaves us with… yup you guessed it. The winner this time is friedblowney! At first it didn’t seem like much… Though he may have hit it while he was an unexperienced G3 player, this shot takes alot of risk. The shot was with the Intermediate Character Fernando [Nakajima] using Big Magnum Club and Big Air Ball, that can’t be good for your Control Lv. and on top of that his natural fade flies towards the trees on this hole. Clearly not a shot we would aim for if we were sane… Even with PI there was a chance that the bad control would spray it into the trees, which in this case it didn’t happen  plus it was intentionally hit with a low flying shot… Any sane person would also be hittting this shot with SBS to atleast keep an eagle putt available. It was a make or break shot with STS… At high velocity and also a clean direct hit  (Not one of those lame clips the edge of the pin risers.) with a high flying riser, scoring a base score of 11. Given an additional 2 points for the overall perfection of the video and the high risk involved in the shot. Total of 13 Points… Congratulations!

Guess that wraps it up… 🙂 This was fun… should do it again some time.

friedblowney 13 points.

Runner Ups
Hikari 12 Points.
Koudman 11 Points.
Doylev 11 Points.*

*Members’ Choice Award Also.

December 17, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Once again there will be Christmas lobby character parts available during the week coming up to Christmas. This year they have the parts included last year and added a new part. You can now get a Christmas Tree body which comes with the Santa parts from last year.

The lobby parts will be available to your account the moment you log online during December 18th to 25th. You don’t need to do anything but log online and look in your lobby character parts menu.


December 17, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

As I pointed out earlier one of the shots will receive a prize from members votes.

So using post, please vote for one shot with a comment.

Format it so it is somewhere along the lines of:
– I vote for “Player”
– Reason/Comments.

Voting ends when I release the results, which could be 12 hours or 24 hours from now depending on when I get back to this computer.

December 15, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

So the dead line of entries is later today… Let’s recap the current entries so far…









If you still have a shot to enter, please comment to this post… I will post a comment when the time is up to cut off late entries. Good Luck 🙂

» More ・ もっと読む…?


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