December 12, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Ah… Four years already. Still one of the best titles on the PlayStation Portable even though there is a sequel, both games can be enjoyed seperately due to the amount of differences or changes made between the two releases.

A favourite shot from MingolP1…

Should have spiraled, but I called the shot [Skull Shot Albatross] before I hit it while playing with friends online. Then pulled it off… 🙂

December 11, 2008 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

PlayStation Home has now got a Minna no Golf Lounge. You can access it from the change location menu… it is under World Map > SCEJ > Minna no Golf Lounge.


You can walk around and watch a video history of the series… there is also a survey you can do to help them improve the lounge you also get a PS Home item afterwards. For more pictures or if you want to look at the Siren Lounge check out the sources.

 Source: ファミ通 & PlayStation Home Members Site

December 9, 2008 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Minna no Golf 5 has finally become one of “The Best” titles for PlayStation 3. Which is the Platinum brand of PlayStation games in Japan…

PlayStation the Best Minna no Golf 5 will retail for 3800 Japanese Yen. Which is around 2000 less than the release price… I think this disc will be a more up to date release rather than require you to download all the patches from a year ago… If you have been looking to get Mingol 5 then now might be a good time. Especially if you have a Trick Shot to show that will get you a little discount off the game or a point card… 😉

Source: in Game Site.

December 7, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Michinoku Hill Country Club Golf Course Wallpaper… Clap Hanz was abit late on this one as Hikari and I noticed, then I was too busy to post it… it was all prepared just not uploaded. Abit disappointing that this year’s December Wallpaper has no Christmas theme to it like all the other years.

PC version:

Michinoku Hill Country Club Golf Course

Shihiko Edit for Playstation Portable:

Michinoku Hill Country Club Golf Course Shihiko Edit for PSP.

Source: Clap Hanz Wallpapers

November 30, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Let’s begin…

So here we have Jurassic Island Country Club… I still think Country Club doesn’t suit, but whatever… the 8th Golf Course to Minna no Golf 5 on the PlayStation 3. It’s difficulty level is slightly higher than Oceania Resort and is marked similar to Silver Peaks Golf Course in difficulty.

Compared with Oceania Resort, the music this time was much more appealing and suited. Seemed strange at first but that was probably due to the expectation of hearing Dino Park music… There is less annoying background noises when compared to Oceania Resort, but there seems to be a sound bug with the course where some sound effects are not being played… It was apparent on Oceania but only during the characters poses or lines after a hole out, the new bug sometimes effects the clicks and sounds that are used during power setting or impact. Hopefully this is a programming error and will be fixed in later updates…

The greens of the course are a little bright when compared to the surroundings… This seems to be common with the add-on courses, not sure why Clap Hanz keep sliding the saturation on the green so high when everything else around looks normal. Aside from that, they seem alot easier to work with than the greens of Oceania Resort. Apart from the situation where you have the odd long putts, the usual 5m or so is usually sinkable unlike that of Silver Peaks which can lead to a few hidden ridges every now and then. The ridges of Jurassic greens are quite evident and can usually be avoided.

Unlike Oceania Resort the rough is quite normal on Jurassic Island, but sometimes you wish it was the sticky type… There are places you can end up that you can never return from on the course. What I enjoyed about the course was how straight forward it was to play on, you can enjoy the course without being too technical just by avoiding the trees and hitting to other fairways. As usual each course has their drive-able par 4 holes, during my first play through with my friends offline I pulled it off on the first try… was not as lucky on later attempts.

» More ・ もっと読む…?

November 29, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Here’s something fun for everyone… I have some Play-Asia coupons to give away but want to see and judge some cool shots first. Though it would have to be better than this…

Anyway to make sure that everybody has a fair chance there will be a unique way that the shots are judged. Quick Example: Two Homing Eagles with same count of homings and similar distance… they are nearly identical but the only difference was one was done with a novice the other was done with an expert character, in this case the novice version would be judged higher as it is much more difficult to do in some cases.  You may have a hole where you hit good shots all the way but happened to OB, then did a really good recovery x15 Homing Par… That would be pretty sweet. However try not to upload bogeys…

Conditions of Entry:

  • Videos need to be uploaded somewhere… Youtube?
  • Post the link to your video under this event post.
  • Only one video entry per person.
    – If you have more than one shot to show make sure you point out which one you want to be judged.
  • Entries close on December 15th 2008.
  • All current versions of the game can enter.
    – Minna no Golf 5, Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf World Tour Out of Bounds.
    – Portable 1 and 2. [Same Courses so…]

Show me what shots you have done… 🙂

November 26, 2008 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Excited? It sounds like Dino Park styled course for Minna no Golf 5… the new course titled Jurassic Island C.C. [Country Club? What…? Country indeed…]  

As usual the update will be after maintenance on November 27th or tomorrow around 12:00 Japan or server time. Looks like I will enjoy this one more than Oceania Resort.

Update [08112701]:

  • Jurassic Island C.C. Added.*
    * To use the course you will need to purchase it from the Playstation Store.
    みんなのGOLF 5 追加コース「ジュラシックアイランドC.C.」使用権: 800円
  • [Voice Chat Function might be added to match play also?…]

An Island in an unnavigable sea where dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures inhabit… A natural place surrounded by sea, volcanos and jungles since the dawn of time. Lost in time the Island still exists to this day. Welcome to Jurassic Island C.C. More screens to follow…
» More ・ もっと読む…?

November 15, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Since some requests for userbars are coming in, I went ahead and worked on other designs… Next up we have a Jasmine userbar for those who enjoy using our Mingol 5 mascot Jasmine.

Jasmine Userbar.

You can probably see where I will be heading with this later down…



November 13, 2008 · Type: Everybody's Golf Event, Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Looks like the Localization Team have been pushing a few demands through…

Update [08111301]:

  • Another Costume Pack.
  • Voice Chat Enabled for Match Play Only.
  • Score Glitch from Online Stroke Games Fixed?
    Reports of it only fixing some of your best scores and not your hole best.

Anyway the match play with voice chat is kind of fun… As long as the person isn’t being annoying… Costume packs are available from the PlayStation Store…

Edit: Turns out PlayStation.Blog did cover it the following day…
PlayStation.Blog: Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds: Now with Voice Chat.

November 13, 2008 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Phew… Alright those who made top 10 in the rankings will receive an extra T-shirt… Also if you have a 2 at the end of your event ranking you will get the special prize which is a flag or banner of Toro.

Due to my insanely poor luck during this event I figured I would miss both since I didn’t have the time to play all the courses either… Even had to sink so low as to use an Expert Character in an attempt to try for top 10 or just a course I didn’t get to play due to being busy during the weekend and some nights of the event… The sad part was winning it and seeing the rank result come up as 20th, also had a hunch through the event that #2 would be the special lotto number since the event is for the 2nd Year Anniversary of Mainichi Issyo. Turns out I was wrong, was too tired to read what the actual thing said… Congratulations to those who got either of them. You will need to have #00 in your Event Ranking to receive the special prize… [Original message was ranks with the last 2 digits as 00 receives the prize.]

To check if you got the prizes head to the Online Ranking Menu [リアル大会ランキング] then goto Event Tournaments Ranking [イベント大会ランキング] and then select Mainichi Issyo Tournament [まいにちいっしょ大会]… Then scroll through each course you played on. If you get it you will have a pop up when your rank loads up that gives you the item and immediately saves your data.


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