September 25, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

The servers are down from 10~13:00 Japan time. So if you can’t access it during those times then that is what’s happening. 😉 It’s the longer maintenance so might be good this time?

Maybe Euro Classic Mirror Backtee version will be added?

New patch… awesome.

Update [07092501]:

  • Euro Classic Tournaments can now be created. Back Tee is also possible.
  • Intermediate Class Characters can now be selected in created tournaments.
  • New Camera Views added and also can now view the green while waiting in live tournaments.
  • Grade Ranking Tournaments will now begin!

Starting September 26th:

  • Grade Rank Tournaments with more than 10 players participating will give the first place winner grade rank stats.
  • Number of times participated in grade tournaments.
  • Number of times in first place.
  • Number of times in second place.
  • Number of times in top 20%.
  • You will now be able to receive more lobby character parts depending on your grade results.
  • Grade tournaments with less than 10 players will not give the grade rank stats and will also not receive any new character parts.

There are some G3 Tournaments from 23:00 today. 🙂 Watch out for G2 as well… I’ve seen a few around, but we can’t join them so I don’t really understand why they are out. Especially G2 XL Cup…?

September 21, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Ah much better now, though I’m not a fan of Yumin. They have increased the render quality of this month’s wallpaper. Anyway here is the PC version:

October 2007 Mingol 5 Wallpaper.

Also the Playstation Portable Version:

October 2007 PSP Mingol 5 Wallpaper.

Still waiting on the Playstation 3 1080p Wallpapers… but atleast they took some time to produce better renders this month. 🙂 Good Job.

Source: Clap Hanz Wallpapers & PSP Wallpapers

September 16, 2007 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Alright now I really will have to translate stuff don’t I? 😛 Okay this is a direct on the fly translation of the article, might correct it later if I want to refine:

The popular series you can enjoy anywhere you want Minna no Golf Portable is getting a sequel Minna no Golf Portable 2! This version the quantity of the courses, characters and character parts are increased. However this is just the basics of this release, with the ability of internet connecting you will now be able to play with everyone around the world online! Online multiplayer mode will allow a maximum of 16 people!

Multiplayer in game.

Internet is accessed from a house or public access points (hot spots etc.) using the wireless LAN function of the Playstation Portable in infrastructure mode will allow you to play against other players across the world with a maximum of 16 players.

Entry screen.

Multiplayer status screen.

Apart from using the infrastructure mode, Playstation Portables can be gathered together with Ad-hoc mode and play together up to 16 players. [Or just use Xlink Kai and play online with Ad-hoc.]

» More ・ もっと読む…?

September 14, 2007 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Minna no Golf Portable 2

Today Playstation Japan has opened up the Minna no Golf Portable 2 Official Website. Though it currently has nothing on it apart from a background of Southern Alps with two of the new characters.

There is however heaps of introductory information for the game… I’ll translate later. I see a timer for the tournaments… :S


Mingol P2 Official Site: みんなのGOLFポータブル2公式サイト 


September 12, 2007 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Apart from myself, I don’t think many people know that another PSP release for Minna no Golf was scheduled for later this year. Well here is physical proof of this information.

My friend Delico has sent me a picture from the latest Famitsu magazine. Though I knew about the development of another Sony Playstation Portable release, I didn’t want to get people’s hopes up since it could have been Mingol Jo GPS Vol.4… Plus Minna no Golf 5 is happening right now. 😀

I’ll probably translate the information later when they publish it on the Famitsu site… but just for a tease here is the link:

20 Characters, 12 Courses and 350 Custom Accessories!

Mmm… 16 Player Infastructure mode… though typing is going to be a pain. I’ve added a Minna no Golf Portable 2 forum to the community board if people want to discuss their thoughts. Let’s see if they will get it right this time around and put turn-based multiplayer.

サギリ コカ・コーラ キャディー

September 11, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Hmm another maintenance today, alot earlier than expected…?

September 11th maintenance this time 10~13:00. Seems abit quick since September 6th but maybe they are adding stuff this time.


  • Lobby: Southern Country Lobby Added.

New Regulations Starting September 12th:

  • Courses: Euro Classic Golf Course Added. [Finally!]
  • Characters: Nakajima & Maruyama Pro Limited Tournaments Added.
August 31, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Again Clap Hanz extends the time required to do their update a few more hours to 19:00 Japan Time today. Though I was able to patch abit earlier than that… It seems alright. I played abit, the way the characters are displayed is slightly dissapointing because I remember seeing their concept of having character running to their ball after hitting it.

To access the hosting and joining features, there are 2 new menu options added to the lobby triangle menu. 2nd Option is now Join a Live Tournament and the 3rd Option is now Create a Live Tournament.

Though you are free to create tournaments now, you are still governed and restricted by the Online Rules. So… you can not create tournaments that involve the upper class characters just yet. 🙁

Update [07083101]:

Creating Tournaments Menu:

  • Course [Ayame or Chura Umi]
  • Holes to play [18H, 9H OUT, 9H IN]
  • Tee [Regular, Back Tee Mirror]
  • Round Speed [Fast, Normal, Slow, Super Slow]
  • Auto Handicap [Calculates handicap for each player based on their best score.]
  • Limit Entry*
  • Special Rules*

*Currently Locked.

Other additions:

  • Overall players in the Clap House can be seen. 
  • Can see how many of your friends are in a lobby.
  • No need to switch floors to see available live tournaments.
  • Onsen Lobby Futons now updated. Now work like they do in the online trailers.
  • During Tournaments the top players avatar is shown.
  • Characters Loyalty Level is shown in tournaments.
August 30, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Online Maintenance on the 30th was moved to the 31st. Also there is a Yumin tournament at 2:30 in the Himawari floor. [First Floor]. Interesting as this is the first Intermediate Character featured in the online tournaments. Whoa and there is also a Johnson tournament at 19:10 in the Tulip floor and 20:40 in the Sakura floor. [Second and Second Last Floor]. Which is the first Advanced Character to appear for online tournaments.

Maintenance on the 31st will run from 10~15:00 Japan so if you’re also trying to access during these times on Friday then you’ll probably just continue some offline training. Expect some changes after these maintenances. 🙂

When game companies say the the later half of month… they really mean the end of that month. When that happens, let’s hope it’s live 8 people tournament mode… since it is practically the end of August and as promised we should be getting it.

August 22, 2007 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Sorry forgot all about it… I knew it was being released just didn’t really think about it since I have either been playing too much or got other stuff to do. Anyway…

Minna no Golf 5 OST.

Minna no Golf 5 Original Sound Track.

Artist: Ootsuji Gon / Kamaduka Jyunnni [大辻ゴン / 鎌塚順二]
Publisher: Columbia Music Entertainment.

Source: Clap Hanz News + Columbia Music Entertainment

August 21, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Online Mode Maintenance will be happening around 10~13:00 Japan time today. Again not sure if anything new will be added, but we are getting close for them to deliver us live 8 people tournaments. 🙂 Anyway this is just so people who are trying to log on will know what is happening when they cannot connect. Have fun playing offline if that happens. 😛

Update: Ok, well I’m still patching my game… but thanks to riffraff here, I have some information for the new patches you will be downloading the next time you enter online mode. They have updated a few things, but still no live 8 people tournaments…

Game Play Changes:

  • Real Shot has a ghost guide now for 15y approach shots.
  • Real Shot Putting R2 Button has changed and updated some views.

Online Mode Changes:

  • Chat Log is back. [Used to be in Mingol Online.] Press □ to view in lobby. 
  • Graphical changes in the lobby.
  • During tournaments you can view a friends only list by pressing □.
  • Drive distance can be seen while waiting for other players.


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