August 21, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Here is a Air Spiral I pulled off just earlier, I figured I would capture a bunch of videos while I am at it so I also updated the How to Play guide with videos that demo the shot styles. Anyway I did this during a tournament when my friend was trying to score a spiral for their record. On the other hand I was only doing it because I thought I should just aim for one since they were working so hard and wasting strokes trying to get one… instead mine happens to come on my first try… haha.

Air Spiral is the name I have given to when a Spiral shot also receive the Pin shot attribute or makes contact high up on the pin. Which is the case of Air Rising where this one doesn’t receive the Pin shot attribute… Click more to see a less impressive shot. 😉
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August 20, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

September wallpapers are out now… though I believe they should have left this rendering for abit longer I mean it’s not even close to September yet and they release this piece which could use abit more anti-aliasing… Anyway here is the PC version:

September 2007 Mingol 5 Wallpaper.

As usual the Playstation Portable Version:

September 2007 PSP Mingol 5 Wallpaper.

When are they going to do Playstation 3 ones… I’m tempted to rip the one out of the Bluray Game… Also I’m updating this post while they are doing it, they haven’t even got the front page updated to go with the new wallpaper.

Source: Clap Hanz Wallpapers & PSP Wallpapers

August 16, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Online is having maintenance today around 10~14:00 Japan time. Not sure if anything new will be added or courses released for online play. We’ll see in a few hours I guess.

August 11, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Minna no Golf 5 Introduction.

Alright I’ve just wrote my review on the game. If you would like to read it click the Minna no Golf 5 link under the Shihiko’s Minna no Golf Guides or click this picture above. Be patient, the guides will come when I figure out how I’m juggling my next few projects. 😛

Also even though I am a fan of the Mingol series, I am not going to give the game perfect scores unless it deserves it… games should be rated by their designs which is why my score isn’t exactly a Famitsu near perfect 9/10. Oh and the above picture was rigged up by me with Photoshop Elements. Took awhile to get the edges of the logo working though they updated the logo now, I liked this one they used before during the demo release period. 😀

August 7, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Yeah okay, so I’m slacking off abit on the site information… can’t blame me for playing the game and finishing it right? Anyway I have a few new videos up to show one which features my new 9x Homing Record. 🙂

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July 31, 2007 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Clap Hanz have updated their website with a new Column section which seems to be a blog about playing Mingol 5 Online. Anyway there isn’t anything there worth noting, just they announced opening the section.

Also I will be heading back home so again no net for awhile until I get there… have fun playing Mingol 5 Online because I can’t… 🙁

July 27, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Ok umm I’ve been playing abit. 😛 Also have a keyboard, which I recommend people who want to spend lots of time in the lobby should get.

I’m also going to be leaving Japan soon so things are getting abit busy. Posting stuff and other things. So haven’t had time to sit down and post stuff. I might have to leave some of the posting until later.

Leveling up of characters loyalty really annoys me in this one…

July 26, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Ok I have nothing to say right now, just wanted to post it… I do however have the HDR-CX7. 🙂

July 25, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Ok umm I didn’t find it. 😛 But it’s out… I would have probably found it if I didn’t have so much stuff to do today. Anyway tomorrow I will try again and update this post later.

July 23, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Alright Clap Hanz has put out next month’s wallpapers… Here is the PC version:

August 2007 Mingol 5 Wallpaper.

Also the Playstation Portable Version:

August 2007 PSP Mingol 5 Wallpaper.

Though they should be doing some Playstation 3 ones now since the new Firmware now allows XMB Backgrounds…

Source: Clap Hanz Wallpapers & PSP Wallpapers


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