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Well I just came back from there… It’s not a place of Microsoft and Nintendo Fans. 😛 First up the Playstation Signature Store is located on the first floor of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. which is called Playstation Square. Looked alright from the outside.

Playstation Square

Then I went inside to look around. It was a very clean and quiet atmosphere, well it was expected considering most of the stuff is sort of aimed at hardcore fans who make enough money to afford their obsession. 😉

Playstation Signature Store.

The inside is quite empty… there is lots of space to move around, but there is also things you can do apart from looking at the Playstation Signature goods. I mean what kind of place would Playstation Square be without Playstations set up to play eh?

Playstation TV in Playstation Store.

While waiting for them to wrap up the items I have bought I took a photo. As anyone who visits this site would expect it’s Mingol 5 Demo’ing on the Playstation TV. 😛 Though this place is abit hardcore for some people… some of the goods are quite nice as gifts for people since you can’t order any of the items online making them slightly limited or rare. So even if you won’t be using it yourself a purchase here could be handy for present ideas… haha. Just be careful not to purchase T-shirts or other lame items since you’ll be pidgeon holing yourself as a fanboy by wearing it.

Oh… and there is some campaign going on where they survey you a little about their store and then give you a bottle of Playstation Signature Water……… right. Registering the number of the bottle gives you a chance to win a gift from them. Anyway if you’re looking into visiting the Playstation Signature Store you’ll find the details are the Playstation Signature Site.

PLAYSTATION® Signature Store Site.

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Umm… I’ll update this post later. Going out. The above says Character Intro, Course Intro, Online Mode, Start with Mingol 5 Playstation 3 Beginners Pack Info Update, Mingol 5 Golf Ball Present Info Released.

Alright this is for english speakers so no need to write any Japanese for now. 🙂 I’ll split the information up instead of making a large post. Sony has also left a slightly broken link on the Caddie Characters page… 😛

Character Intro: +2 More Characters. Currently there is now 10 Characters released to public, the advanced characters are still unavailable. I hope there is a cool character in the advanced characters because currently I will be using Jasmine. The New Intermediate Level Characters are Sonia and Kid. Also a New Caddie – Rina.


Sonia [?? Years Old – Born in Spain]
A passionate, pliant and strong flamenco dancer which is gaining popularity. Similar to her dance her play style of golf is also passionate and powerful. She can be proud as she has the longest driving distance out of all the intermidiate characters. Dispite her calm appearance she actually feels some pressure in her tempo. Can her splendid dance also be seen on Green today?


Kid [19 Years Old – Born in Thailand]
The leading owner of the most percise control shot intermediate characters. The only son of the a famous merchant in Thailand, frequently visits Japan for participation in golf conventions. While at a young age he was a talented omnipotent sportsman and rarely lost to others in sports, but he was completely defeated by his father in the first round of golf and has been absorbed in it ever since.

 Caddie - Rina

Rina [25 Years Old – Born in Japan]
A grown-up elder sister charm caddie, Rina. Though she may seem to be giving the cold shoulder treatment, apparently it also has the friendly side to it… during times of good play she will also celebrate with the player. In fact, she is famous for her ability to handle herself in a calm condition knowing that her weakness for insects.  She is an exellent caddie as she can pretend to be calm when an insect is found in a round.

» More ・ もっと読む…?

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Alright I’m not exactly here for Mingol 5, but it just happens to release while I am here. Anyway just having a little break after doing a huge project last semester. Also here to buy alot of stuff… I spent the whole day travelling here then searched around in the rain for the place I was staying at. Since there was a typhoon and earthquake recently the place seems kind of messed up. 😛

Watching TV now and it just happens that the Mingol 5 Bundle CM comes on… it keeps tempting me to get it. I guess if I can find someone who wants it I might get it. 😀 Going to go drink Fanta Melon Soda and eat Melon Pan now… then clean up and wash the rain clothes.

Happy 10th Anniversary Minna no Golf!

July 7, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

It’s the 7th of July 2007 today. It’s the 10th year since the release of the Minna no Golf series… Let’s hope this series continues to do well in the years to come. I’ll be going to Japan to go on a shopping trip and hopefully pick up Mingol 5 while I’m there.

To comemorate for this the game’s 10th birthday there is a short session on my birthday which we are playing the game. 🙂

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Abit busy today so no real time to update this post… anyway Minna no Golf 5 website has been updated and looks great, they have added new information regarding the game… most of which I have already translated or mentioned in the past so for now I will let that slide for abit and update this post when I free up some time.

The site design was renewed and they have added the following new information: Characters, Courses and Online Mode.

Mingol 5 Suspected Cover Art.

I suspect this new picture used in the background is going to be the Cover Art for the game. 😉 Also the downloading of the Demo has ended so there will be no more chances for those who want to get Suzuki at the begining of the game. Unless of course you own a copy of the Blu-ray Demo Disc distributed by Famitsu.

Source: みんなのGOLF5オフィシャルサイト

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Sorry for the long wait for those who have been looking forward to signing up an account or were previous members of this community. I’m quite satisfied with the condition and direction of how this site is going… thus now I’m opening registration for the community again. Also I wanted to open this site before I’m too busy to work on layout and skinning…

I have added XDForum plugin to the site, but there is still some work to skin it and I will do that over time. Currently the boards are available for everyone to enjoy and is split into different sections. I hope this will become a very multilingual community to connect all Mingolfers around the world together to play online.

Registered users will need their first comment to be moderated before they can comment on any more topics. So please don’t post multiple times thinking the system is broken. Feel free to post on the board as much as you want. 🙂



ミクシィのみなさんのためにも掲示板エリア作りましたのでちゃんと使ってくださいね。ここの方が面白くなりますから。 😀

サギリ コカ・コーラ キャディー

June 28, 2007 · Type: News Event · Shihiko

Cool… I was just wondering about this the other day since alot of other games have them and now they announce it for real. There really is a weird connection with me and this game. Anyway… Clap Hanz has announced that Minna no Golf Original Sound Track will be available for purchase from 25th July 2007. The title is Minna no Golf World BGM Tour and will feature tracks from the Sony Playstation 2 range of the series: Minna no Golf 3, Minna no Golf Online and Minna no Golf 4.

Minna no Golf World BGM Tour.


» More ・ もっと読む…?

June 26, 2007 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

Just a reminder that there is a month left until the Japanese release of Minna no Golf 5 for the Sony Playstation 3. Other than that I’m just bored and wanted to post something for fun… I’ve been working on the guides for the PSP version of the game but they need some pictures. Speaking of the PSP the usual Minna no Tennis wallpaper for the PSP was not released since Clap Hanz decided they would place the 10th Aniversary Mingol wallpaper up instead… this might be the end of Minteni wallpapers since it is a good time to start on Mingol 5 wallpapers. Stick around as I will be opening registration soon!

Minna no Golf 10th Aniversary Wallpaper PSP Edition.


June 22, 2007 · Type: Hotshots Golf Event · Shihiko

Cool finally I can use the Hot Shots Golf Category… also it’s an english article. 🙂

Anyway Game Informer has interviewed the Hot Shots Golf creator Masashi Muramori about their Hot Shots Golf franchise and the future of their series. Some nice things to see mentioned was the possibility of downloable content for Hot Shots Golf 5 from the Playstation Store.

Masashi Muramori also pointed out the Sony Playstation 3 was limitless… but umm if that’s the case why aren’t they aiming for 1080p resolution. Anyway Ultra Spins is still unknown, since there is mention of first releases not having those non-traditional aspects. Well as long as they make a solid product that’s all that matters. Japanese version still confirmed as 15 Characters, 7 Caddies and 6 Courses… Though that sounds like they might add extra content for Hot Shots Golf 5 and Everybody’s Golf 5…

For the full article follow the source link and enjoy.

Source: The Masashi Muramori Interview

June 21, 2007 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Clap Hanz has always been creating monthly wallpapers since the release of Minna no Golf 4. Currently they are in the Minna no Tennis theme but with an exception that July 7th this year is also the 10th year of the Minna no Golf series so July 2007 calendar will be Minna no Golf styled.

Minna no Golf 10th Aniversary Calendar

With the exception of Yumeri, I think the rest were all my main characters… Yumeri also has a low poly count so has to hang in the background… haha. If you want the Wallpaper head over to Clap Hanz website through the link.

Source: Clap Hanz Website


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