November 16, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Next week Thursday is the release of Minna no Golf 6 for PlayStation 3. In preparation of the release the servers will be down for extended maintenance from the usual time, it will last from 10:00~16:00 Japan Server Time.

So no freaking out if Online doesn’t work for the PlayStation 3 until it is later in the evening.

November 7, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

With the coming of Minna no Golf 6 for PlayStation 3 and the fact that it runs on the same Server as Minna no Golf 5 means that the Online Service for Minna no Golf 5 will be coming to an end. How do I know they run on the same server? The login server for the game is the same so you can search other people who play Minna no Golf 5 from Minna no Golf 6.

Released on the 26th of July 2007 Minna no Golf 5’s Online Service will be stopping on the 31st of March 2013. As a memorial gift, players with the Minna no Golf 5 Data will receive special Minna no Golf 5 Lobby Characters for use in Minna no Golf 6. Minna no Golf 5 Online use downloadable contents will cease to work as there will be no where to use them anymore…

List of contents that will be disabled:

  • 追加ロビーキャラパーツセット「『まいにちいっしょ』ポケピグッズ」
    Lobby Character Parts Set [Mainichi Issho – Pokepi Goods]
  • 追加ロビーキャラパーツセットVol.1使用権
    Lobby Character Parts Set Vol.1
  • 追加ロビーキャラパーツセットVol.2使用権
    Lobby Character Parts Set Vol.2

These contents will stop being sold on February 28th 2013… While the online service runs until the end of March. Contents that will continue to work for offline play…

  • 追加キャラクター「ユキノ」使用権
    Player Character [Yukino]
  • 追加キャラクター「グロリア」使用権
    Player Character [Gloria]
  • 追加コース「オセアニアリゾートコース」使用権
    Course [Oceania Resort Course]
  • 追加コスチュームセットVol.1使用権
    Costume Set Vol.1
  • 追加コスチュームセットVol.2使用権
    Costume Set Vol.2
  • 追加コスチュームセットVol.3使用権
    Costume Set Vol.3
  • 追加キャラクター「クレイトス」使用権
    Player Character [Kratos]
  • 追加キャラクター「トロ」使用権
    Player Character [Toro]
  • 追加コース「ジュラシックアイランドC.C.」使用権
    Course [Jurassic Island C.C.]
  • 追加キャラクター「リビッツ」使用権
    Player Character [Libits]
  • 追加コスチューム「グロリア」使用権
    Costume [Gloria]
  • 追加コスチューム「ユキノ」使用権
    Costume [Yukino]

Source: 「みんなのGOLF5」オンラインサービス終了のお知らせ

November 7, 2012 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

For those who have a Japanese PlayStation Account you may have received this email if you have your email subscription active. The content of the email explains how the Cross-Buy discount works for different purchases of Minna no Golf 6.

Firstly as we suspected, the Online Ticket governs your discount for the PlayStation 3 version of the game. However the process does not seem to be as straight forward as it sounds. You will need to have registered your online ticket before July 2013, and once it has been registered and email will be sent to you containing a product code that gives you access to the discount.

If you have purchased the PSVita Downloadable version then the discount will be available to you directly from the release date on November 22nd.

Players who purchase the PlayStation 3 Disc version will be able to access the discount from one of the Menus of the Game Disc. [This could be a hint that there is no account locking or Online Ticket required for the Disc version of the game. Hold on to that thought though…]

Similar to the PSVita Downloadable version the PlayStation 3 Download version gives access to the PSVita discount from November 22nd.

So if the details are true, then the Disc version of the game might be more valuable and convenient than originally anticipated. Since if you have the disc, you can unlock the cheaper version of the game for any PSVita on a Japanese PlayStation Account through Cross-Buy. 😉

September 22, 2012 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

As much as I would like to be there for a more personal report on the event, this year it isn’t happening… Instead some of my friends are there right now getting a glimpse of what is to come for Minna no Golf 6 for the PlayStation 3.

I’ll be updating this post over time or at the end of the day when they get back from the crowd infested event. One thing I have heard is there is another new rule… “Perfect Impact +2″… :S

September 19, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

With Tokyo Game Show 2012 around the corner for this week, a Promotional Video for the PlayStation 3 release of Minna no Golf 6 has been making it’s rounds this week. Let’s analyse it and see what other new things are available…

Looks like there is a new Mega Cup Rule haha… Not much of a closer look at the new updates. PlayStation Move isn’t shown in the video despite they mention it, however the new Slot Stroke Mode is shown… It seems to be for use at parties but hopefully it makes it online so we can have some fun.

Along with the video there is news of another Starter Pack for the New Slimmer PlayStation 3 which is available in Japan for 25,980 JPY… There is also more detail about the Cross-Buy Special you get for buying the game on the PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation Vita over at the Mingol 6 Player’s Information website. Basically if you buy the game on either console, you get to download the digital copy for 2,000 JPY. To me this is a good deal as I would be able to download the PS3 version on release date without waiting for the physical copy to be sent to me…

SourceMinna no Golf 6 PlayStation 3 Site
Cross-Buy Minna no Golf 6 Player’s Information News
PlayStation 3 Minna no Golf 6 Starter Pack

September 6, 2012 · Type: Shihiko Event · Shihiko

It has come to my attention that some players were using a Memory Card without formatting and switching accounts for use on Minna no Golf and eventually the 1.80 PS Vita Update had locked their save and game data to their alternate accounts rendering their profiles, hard work and save data useless…

I may have a solution… but I’ll post about it if it works or if people are interested.

Edit: This has been patched by Sony so I can no longer help restore any saves that are locked to the wrong account.

August 31, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

When I purchased the Vita I was thinking about getting Gravity Daze, but I didn’t think I had time for it so I didn’t put too much effort obtaining it. It seemed like an interesting game at the time though and I bought it for someone else here… Anyway stories aside, down to the details of the new guest character Kitten/Kat [Here on Kitten as that is the Japanese name of the character in game.] in Minna no Golf 6.

Kitten’s Details

Power B
Control C
Impact D
Spin A
Side Spin B
Attributes Approach+
Character Data
Age ?
Height 160cm?
Weight ?kg
Nationality ?
Hobby Baths
Dislikes Tight Personalities


A girl who lost her memory and the people of the city have come to call her “Kitten” from the fact that she always has a gravity cat named Dusty. Although there are some people in the city with rough personalities, she is always curious and always positive even when on the golf course for the first time.

Kitten costs 400 JPY from the PlayStation Store, and does not have any alternate costumes or default customisable sets. She comes with one costume and that is it… Think of it like when Kratos was released for Mingol 5.

Kitten’s status with Big Air set is similar to Izzak. She lacks a little control however she has more side spin with the Approach attribute and no negative attributes. This makes her probably the strongest character in game again similar to when Kratos was released for Mingol 5.

Buying her gives you her lobby parts but it only comes in one flavour, it also doesn’t feel like it was done very well… I think it’s her lips, compared to the in-game model it seems to be a little off or completely missing. 🙁

I’ll edit this later when I train her up a bit, but if there are any questions or details anyone wants answered leave a comment and I’ll get to it eventually… One thing that is kind of curious is that she can control Gravity right? So easily can make any ball hole out from anywhere right…? 😛

Source: Mingol 6 Player’s Information Site

August 30, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Well that update came around quite fast considering the news about Kitten/Kat [from here on Kitten] was just yesterday… Along with Kitten we have another course making a come back from Minna no Golf 4: Northern Fox Country Club. Similar to Mt. Sakura Onsen C.C. it receives the remix treatment and a few updates to bring it into Mingol 6. The patch is a 353MB download…

Update 1.09:

  • New course added.
  • New character added.
  • New lobby added.
  • Various bug fixes.

Another nostalgic course, well I didn’t remember much of that course until I played it and remember the music it had… then it all came back to me.

The course is available from the PlayStation Store for 600 JPY.

The new character who is also the Sony Guest character to be first featured in this title is Kitten. She is classified as an Expert and is available for 400 JPY from the PlayStation Store.

Official Promotional Video released by Sony…

One of the bugs fixed was the Costume Closet Bug, where the new characters were only allowed to select two sets of their four costumes. What happened was you would be able to see it in the character profile but you cannot use it or edit them.

The new lobby added looks to be a large and less fun version of the second lobby… It is around two times larger and doesn’t have many things to interact with.

There seems to also be a few changes to the Grade System, instead of three wins to promote it seems to have been lowered to two. Maybe it is now 15 points to promote instead of 30 points.

I’ll make another post for a full report of Kitten and edit it once I have finished training her Loyalty to at least three hearts.

Source: 追加コンテンツ配信のお知らせ

August 22, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Wow so I did predict this but it is way later than I thought, guess I didn’t account for the ClapHanz team size. Sourced info doesn’t have much details so I’ll try find other sources…stay tuned.

Official Website updated with the info along with pictures and slightly more information about the Online and Cross Platform System. So let’s go over and summarise what is coming to the PlayStation 3 version of Minna no Golf 6.

First up, finally Full HD Minna no Golf is being supported! I’m sure this mean 1080p… Which probably means we are going to be dealing with a new Game Engine compared to Minna no Golf 5. 😀

For those who have been to read up the news else where, Erica and Gloria along with the two new courses will be added to the game as in game content on release… You will also be able to play with the PlayStation Move. There is no information about the play style and mechanics of the PlayStation Move control system but the Mingol 5 version was not too bad when I played it, just that it was no fun without opponents and they didn’t allow you to play online so this is definitely interesting.

Four people stroke makes a come back of course, along with some new features to make it interesting for Expert and Beginners of the game. One of which is another come back for the short hole special course… This does not mean it is the same one that appeared in Mingol 4 but the idea is a course that is made up of only Par 3s. There is also a special rules roulette slot machine… Real Golf Mode better be in those reels. 😀

Cross Platform Play… If anyone else has tried this before and wondered about it, then you might have known this was a possibility… If you go to Mingol6 Lobbies and searched up a player who was playing Mingol5 you will load up the player profile except there is no data. This is because the login server for the games are the same, which means they were planning to connect up the lobbies eventually. Minna no Golf 6 on PS3 will allow players to play against players on the PSV, there will be an icon showing if the player is on PS3 or PSV when playing online. [I’m sure there are some limitations between the two games such as no four people stroke mode or matches due to the difference in the maps and course data. Highly likely only limited to Grade and Real Game Rooms.]

Check out the source for some pictures which is still their work in progress… 🙂

Source: みんなのGOLF6プレーステーション3版登場!

August 6, 2012 · Type: Mingol Event · Shihiko

Starting tomorrow the Daily Tournaments will be featuring banners that players have submitted which was previously mentioned last month…

I look forward to seeing if my message got in haha… I think it is common enough to be accepted. 😛

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